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Kis Bike Co. Twist 17mm Socket Seatpost

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Kis Bike Co. Twist 17mm Socket Seatpost SPKi17654-2
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    “KIS Socket Post”

    The Good: One of the Best Ideas out there without a doubt - take your socket with you at all times - flat on the street session - no prob....

    The Bad: The Price is regrettably a little high - otherwise i am sure that kids would be buying this hand over foot. (Side Note - Some people think that it will strip out or Break after using it a few times and i can say that this is not the case. I have used it bunches of times with out one single problem)

    Overall Review: This like other KIS products is one of those things that is amazing to have on your bike and then to watch peoples reactions when they figure out what it is your doing. I was out riding with some of the Pro Team from Eastern Bikes - and Eric Holley got a Flat Tire during a Street Session. You should have seen his face when i used his allen wrench he had with to take out my Seat Post and then Remove his wheel!! ahahah. I will never forget the look on his face! Good TImes!

    “Awesome idea!”

    The Good: This thing can get you out of a jam,if you are an epic street rider that goes on mission rides!It would be nice to not have to carry a ratchet with you.

    The Bad: It might fail and get stripped out.

    Overall Review: A part and a tool.I think these guys are on to something.


    Style Pivotal
    Diameter 25.4
    Length 135mm
    Materials Alloy
    Colors Black, Grey, Polished

    0 lb 4 oz (112 g)

    Miscellaneous New engraved logos and splined socket insert for 2014
    Price N/A
    More Info Kis Bike Co. website