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Odyssey Intac Post Seatpost

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Odyssey Intac Post Seatpost Intac Post

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    ok so i have a haro intro lite and i need to know some things. one i wanna know a way to make it lighter like really light i know its about 27 lbs but i hear you can cut something inside to make it even less? also is this product a good light post? and also i dont understand what you mean by cutting it down.... comment bad please!!


    My son has the first issue thats welded and its held up to everything he throws out. I purchased the new version thats one piece and its cracked all the way around but its holding up so there you go.


    A really good strong, light seatpost. It's held up perfectly after about 6 months, and is still rockin! Great when cut down, with a simple design. It's super good when slammed down as far as possible, and worked perfectly with a coalition seat.



    I ran this seatpost from early 2003 until just recently. It worked fine, and held my seat nice and tight up until about six months back, at which point the upper part bent, so that I could not get the bolt tight enough to clamp down (this was fixed with duct tape).

    I don't think that said damage was from riding, but rather from British Airways manhandling my bike bag, so it still gets five stars.


    Its almost the lightest, and if you cut it down, it will be lighter, even lighter than the pivitol style posts. Plusses are that its a one piece construction so now you will have perfect adjustments, and so you dont have little pieces everyewhere, its ligthweight, and its made by Odyssey. How can't you go wrong? And, its CHEAP! $21.99


    I bought this seatpost brand new in canada for about 59.99msrp. Out of the box it looked great, almost too high tech compared to the other posts out there, yet remained lighter. i'll give the post a 9/10 because the bolt stripped underneath the guts, and the guts bent making that same bolt drive into the bottom of my seat.


    I had this post for about a year and a half before I switched out. While I had it, it was light and clamped beautifully. If you didn't know, it uses one bolt to clamp down on the seat rails with. I cut the post down which made it even lighter. It started breaking when I put the wrong sized seat rails in the clamp, so don't follow my example. Finally, it's really affordable, so if you want a light post but down want to pay $50 for the Macneil combo, the Intac is right up your alley.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Redesigned post has bottom of guts and post as one piece. Guts have added material to stop gut flare. Larger teeth have better engagement to almost eliminate stripping/slipping. Remember, other posts may boast slighty lighter weights, but check out the length. If you cut down the Intac, its probably lighter than any post it is not lighter than now. The Intac is the standard for easy installation. When talking about strength, we compare this Aluminum to the Chromoly posts that it BEATS.

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