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Stolen Thermalite™ Seatpost

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Stolen Thermalite™ Seatpost therm&seats_Clipped

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    The Good: it's light it comes in a lot of colors it has 2 sizes it's plastic but it hold well the weight of the seat

    The Bad: it rusts easily it may break trying tailwhips as it is plastic

    Overall Review:

    i got it because i wanted to save weight. it's really good and it hadn't problems untill now...

    “Short But Who Cares”

    The Good: Light, colorful and really simple.

    The Bad: Its kinda short but I don't sit on my bike much anyway.

    Overall Review: I love this seatpost, it's cheap and light. I definitely recommend it

    “Good yet bad”

    The Good: its really light and looks good

    The Bad: i snaped mine cos it wasn't slamed

    Overall Review: get one cos there cheeps but metal posts are better

    “Lightest post ever”

    The Good: Light, strong durable option to be slammed, decent price

    The Bad: Not alot of colors, my friend broke his putting it in his bike after he got a new frame

    Overall Review: This is amazing i would recommend to anyone. i have in purple

    “Great Seat Post”

    The Good: It's really light, strong, and cheap.

    The Bad: They don't look the best but whatever?

    Overall Review: Very light and strong for the price. I've never had one break, It's the best plastic seat post you can get.

    “not bad for the price”

    The Good: light plastic

    The Bad: squeaks thats about all

    Overall Review: people say they snap but i havent had any problem with it and ive landed on mine pretty hard... i think its just not made to be ridden very high.

    “Very good being a plastic seat post”

    The Good: It doesnt move or get stripped

    The Bad: Nothing really Plastic

    Overall Review: I have the very small one in black and i also have a oddysey senior2 pc pivotal and there GREAT. Get if your on a budget.


    Style Pivotal
    Diameter 25.4mm
    Length 75mm or 135mm
    Materials Thermalite™ (Reinforced Nylon66 w/ 50% Long-Glass Fiber)
    Colors Black, Gang Green, Neon Orange, White (Purple, Red & Blue in development)

    0 lb 1.7 oz (48 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website