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Federal Slim Seat

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Federal Slim Seat slim2
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    “Pretty nice seat”

    The Good: light, good looking, holds up, sick federal logo

    The Bad: not enough padding if you like fat seats

    Overall Review: it hasnt worn on me at all, its pretty comfortable for a slim seat

    “good seatt!!!!!”

    The Good: its hella sicc lookin

    The Bad: uhmm it could use jus a lil bit more padding

    Overall Review: its nice loookn and wit jus a lil bit more padding itd be the perfect seat! go get it!


    Style Pivotal
    Materials Kevlar
    Colors Black/Black, Black/Red, White/White, Black Camo, Black/Blue, Black/Teal

    0 lb 8.6 oz (244 g)

    Miscellaneous Based on the exisiting SL Pivotal seat the Slim SL seats have been trimmed down as much as possible, creating the thinnest / lightest Pivotal seat available whilst still retaining both the padding and a durable Kevlar cover, the internal bolt is also hollowed out for maximum weight reduction. The combined weight of the Slim SL Seat and Slammed Post is only 310g! (10.9oz) Making it the lightest seat and post combo available!
    Price N/A
    More Info Federal website