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Fit Lo-Bolt Seat

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Fit Lo-Bolt Seat Brown_Lo-Bolt_Left
C70_brown_lo_bolt_left C70_seat_lo_bolt_kev_lt1 C70_seat_lo_bolt_perf_lt1

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“Such a sick seat”

The Good: i looks really good, it doesn't rip, sick for t bogs and its overall sick

The Bad: nothing so far

Overall Review: i'd tell anyone to get it is really really sick

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“Effin Awesome!”

The Good: Everything! Definitely, it's an amazing seat that looks stunning

The Bad: Nothing really.

Overall Review: Top Seat! I recommend it to everyone, it's not the comfiest thing ever if you sit down a lot but for park and trails riders i guess it's perfect!

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“pretty alright”

The Good: it looks clean, light, pretty comfy

The Bad: its kind of stiff padding, but its alirght. i was wearing cut offs and i have it slammed and when i 180 or spin it rips my leg hair off like on the side of my ankle from rubbing. the kevlar version gets dirty quick and mud or stains dont come out too well

Overall Review: ehh, its alright. nice looking, but gets dirty, watch your ankle hair. i would deffinatyl recommend the vinyl version over the kevlar though

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Style Slim
Materials vinyl or full Kevlar
Colors Brown syn leather, Black Kevlar, Black Perf

0 lb 8.9 oz (252 g)

Price N/A
More Info Fit website