Haro Fatty Pivotal Seat

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Haro Fatty Pivotal Seat   ri-6
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    “It's like a couch for your ride!”

    The Good:

    It's a nice fat seat perfect for pinching and sitting. Looks sexy and is exactly like the Premium fatty. I got it at my shop for only 20$ so far well worth the money and best 20 bucks I've spent on a part.

    The Bad:

    Nothing really. It didn't have a hollow pivotal bolt but its no issue really. And a friend who works at my LBS said they have a tendancy to break at the nose.

    Overall Review:

    AMAZING seat I would recommend to anyone looking for a fat seat but doesnt have 38 dollars for one. If you have an old seat with a hollow bolt just switch out the solid out for less weight its hella easy.

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    Product Haro Fatty Pivotal Seat
    Riding Type
    Material Tough tear resistant seat cover
    Size/Style Patented Pivotal Technology Fat Capitol Seat shape
    Colors Black
    Weight 0 lb 11.5 oz (326 g)
    Price N/A
    Miscellaneous Easily the most popular seat in BMX, ridden by the majority of pros. It's a comfortable seat, perfect for pinching , but not too thin to take a seat once in a while.
    More Info Haro website