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Kink Sean Sexton Signature Seat

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    “kik sextin seat”

    The Good: fat seat looks

    The Bad: its not that comfy

    Overall Review:

    i just got this seat a couple weeks ago and i dont realy like it? everyone says its soo comfy and cushiony and i dont really think so. id rather hav e a demolition d fat seat or a kink solace seat.

    “Awesome seat”

    The Good: comfortable good grip lightweight very durable very water resistant

    The Bad: not much at all

    Overall Review:

    it is a really good seat..i like and i guarantee you wont be disappointed

    for some reason though, it comes loose a lot

    “Kink Sexton”

    The Good: Middle padded, really comfy for long trips. Nice strong material cover most of you booty

    The Bad: Can use a tad bit more padding and a little bit wider. But good overall.

    Overall Review: Great update if you went from a slim plastic seats with little to no padding. Petty wide and cover most of you bottom and not one just butt chick.

    “seat is as good as sexton”

    The Good: i vole this seat, it is very comfy and it is very strong

    The Bad: it makes me cry, it's so comfy

    Overall Review: this seat will not disappoint you. i just sit on it watching tv and stuff like that.

    “Kink SEXton Seat”

    The Good: Super comfy, Nice material, incredibly nice shape, FAT but not too fat. its perfect.

    The Bad: I dont like the gold knives and Kink logo so i Sharpied them. THIS IS SO COMFY YOU WONT WANT TO STOP SITTING ON IT.

    Overall Review: Awesome if youre tired of your ass hurting and your seats ripping get this. $32.99


    Style Utilizes Patented Pivotal Technology, Capital Base With Extra Thick Paddin
    Materials Heavy Duty Kevlar Style Vinyl Cover
    Colors Black with Gold Trim, Army Green

    0 lb 11.6 oz (329 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Kink website