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Odyssey 99er Seat

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Odyssey 99er Seat 99er

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    Without a doubt, the best flatland seat ever. They nose and rear handles feel great. The padding is just enough to feel good and yet stay out of the way when flipping the bike upside down. Big rails keep everything in shape. I've been running them for over 5 years and don't plan on ever switching. If Odyssey stops making them someday, I' will hoarde them so I'll always have a stash.


    this seat is really hard and isnt that comfortable to sit on, the design is neat and tidy though and it is imposible to rip pretty much, i had this seat for about a year and i only riped it a tiny bit at the sides. all over its a good seat as long as you dont want to sit down.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    A favorite amongst flatlanders. Lower padding for protection when upside down. Kevlar top. Red, blue, grey or black. 9mm rails.

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    Featured color: black

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