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Odyssey Senior Saddle Seat

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Odyssey Senior Saddle Seat Senior Saddle

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    This seat is alright, I´ve had it for awhile it has´nt ripped and it is very strong. It did start coming apart up front I did a seat grab and cut my finger open I flipped my bike over and all the staples were coming lose so I used a cincel punch to put them back in place added some heated adhesive and have had no problems since. The low score is for the blood Odyssey made me lose.


    Great. nice padding. real strong. light as hell. and to me it seems impossible to tear and i hate when seats tear. i'd replace a seat if it tore and ive had to do that up to 4-5 times in a year. but ive had this one around 6 months. only complaint is that it is pretty small. a little bigger would be nice. I haven't tried and I'm sort of afraid to pinch for barspins and no handers.


    This seat is Very light weight and is very comfortable.
    Its a little small but big enough to sit on. Its also good for tricks it gives a nice bid spot to grab for toboggans and seat grabs.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Like a Junior seat with a smidge more surface area, and more padding. Hollow 7mm rails.

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    Featured color: black
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