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Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal Slimmer & Mid Seats

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Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal Slimmer & Mid  Seats 109-06129_TSC_PivotalSlimmerSear-Slim_PermaBlue
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    “Awesome seat”

    The Good: Design, comfort, and durability of the fabric.

    The Bad: The crow that's stitched into the seat can come out if your rough with it.

    Overall Review:

    This is a great seat overall. I've had it for a few months now and the fabric is in like new condition.  It also doesn't rub you're legs like some other seats do.  Another thing I don't like is the hollow bolt.  Some people say that hollow bolts aren't any weaker than solid bolts, but I feel like it might snap after a hard landing on the seat.  Again, over all great seat and I would recommend it.

    “A damn good slim seat.”

    The Good: I've had mine for about almost 2 years and it's still near new with some fading of course. The seat is a good slim, not super skinny and it feels pretty okay to sit on with cruising around. I run mine slammed with pegs and tall bars so if I fall, my seat doesn't make contact with the ground and rip or tear.

    The Bad: None whatsoever

    Overall Review:

    A good slim pivotal seat with nice fabric and design.

    “Comfortable,not much else”

    The Good: Comfortable

    The Bad: frame flexes too much, pivotal mount is exposed (not slammable)

    Overall Review:

    Not sure why this seat has good reviews. I have the mid, and the plastic nose and tail flex too much. Gives a dirty diaper feel to sitting and after it breaks in youll find yourself rolling off the back of it. On top of that, the 'guts' on this seat are an inch lower than on my old seat. Looks gay on my convertible post with this big chunk of plastic hanging under the seat,had to drop my post to put in the same place as my old cheapo but much better seat with recessed pivot mount. Pass this seat up, lazy design.

    “Super Comfy Seat!”

    The Good: Super, super comfortable, light, looks really good, different colored logos.

    The Bad: Nothing at all.

    Overall Review:

    This is the best seat I've ever had. It's super comfy (like sitting on a couch) and looks really good. If you're buying a seat, definitely get this one!

    “The best seat I ever had!!!!”

    The Good: The kelvar material keeps it from ripping, the mid seat is perfect to help with some tricks like bars when you need to pinch the seat. It's also really comfortable and is overall a great seat!

    The Bad: Nothing, it's a great seat!

    Overall Review: It's good for any type of rider such as street, park, dirt, beginner, intermideate, or advanced!


    Style Pivotal compatible slimmer and mid seat
    Materials Black Kevlar material with colored embroidered crow icon
    Colors Black, white, crimson red, purple, Perma Blue

    0 lb 9 oz (255 g)

    Miscellaneous 10.9oz for Mid Seats
    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website