Shadow Conspiracy Solus Seat / Post Combo Seats

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Shadow Conspiracy Solus Seat / Post Combo Seats 109-06134_TSC_SolusSeatPostCombo_Padded_PermaBlue-Iso
C70_109_06134_tsc_solusseatpostcombo_padded_permablue_iso C70_105_06134_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_padded_white C70_100_06134_tsc_solusseatpostcombo_padded_black_iso C70_110_06134_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_padded_gold_iso C70_100_06134_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_padded_purple_s2 C70_100_06134_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_padded_yellow_s2 C70_139_06134_tsc_solusseatpostcomboslim_crimsonred_iso C70_100_06134_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_padded_blue C70_110_06135_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_paddedmid_gold_iso C70_100_06135_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_paddedmid_white C70_103_06135_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_paddedmid_black_iso C70_100_06135_tsc_solusseatpostcombo_paddedmid_yellow_iso C70_100_06135_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_paddedmid_red C70_109_06135_tsc_solusseatpostcombo_paddedmid_permablue_iso C70_100_06134_tsc_solus_seat_pc_padded_red_cu C70_139_06135_tsc_solusseatpostcombomid_crimsonred C70_126_06135_tsc_solusseatpostcombo_paddedmid_purple C70_100_06134_tsc_solus_seat_postcombo_padded_red_pan
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    “Shadow Solus Mid”

    The Good:

    It's light and simple because it's a combo.

    The Bad:

    The Mid Black/White is hard as a rock.

    Overall Review:

    I've seen other Mid Solus seats in different colors and they were soft.

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    Vital BMX member bnewl91
    97301 bnewl91,97301/all 08/13/12,97301/setup 8

    “It's alright”

    The Good:

    Light, pretty cheap, simple

    The Bad:

    It isn't very comfortable, its not grippy so you slide off sometimes

    Overall Review:

    I wouldn't really recommend it. I have it in mid and have had it for a few months. Its cheap but just save your money and get a pivotal seat

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    Vital BMX member chbmxnc
    96274 chbmxnc,96274/all 07/13/12 1 2 6

    “good seat overall”

    The Good:

    very light,cheap, comes with post, very comfy, holds up well

    The Bad:

    had it about 2 months and the post slides alot i have a madera clamp and tightened it as much as i can and it still slides. the seat wiggles a little when the post is still straight but isnt broken yet

    Overall Review:

    overall a good seat wiggles a bit and slides when it is tightened i recomend this seat and rate it 3.5/5

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    Vital BMX member bigc607
    89360 bigc607,89360/all 01/10/12 1 5 14 2 3 3


    Product Shadow Conspiracy Solus Seat / Post Combo Seats
    Style Available in slimmer with lightly padded top or mid with fully padded top
    Materials Padded top with Kevlar cover and embroidered Crow logo
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Yellow, Gold, Perma Blue

    0 lb 11.2 oz (318 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website