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Osiris NYC 83 Shoes

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Osiris NYC 83 Shoes nyc2
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    “Only lasted 4 months of riding...”

    The Good: Color choice, comfort

    The Bad: Sole, Construction, Wear

    Overall Review: I'm an old BMX'er and always wear hi-tops for riding. Something I got used to from back in the day and just prefer. So, I was stoked to see these Osiris shoes available. I hate the neon colors shoes are being done in these days, so I was even double-stoked to see that these came in charcoal and black.
    My first few rides on them were great - super comfortable around the top of my foot. However, after a few bails and landings, I noticed that the sole did not provide the cushion I needed and I ended up with bruised heels and ball-of-my-foot. I went out to get some athletic gel inserts which helped a ton.I went to the Old School BMX Reunion (at Woodward West) in April of this year and wore my shin pads under my jeans. By the end of the weekend, my pads had rubbed the top of the shoe and it started to come apart. I got some ShoeGoo and glued a thick piece of canvas around that area to save it.Over the next three months, this pair just fell apart. The soles got real thin, and even with inserts, I got foot bruises when I had to bail. The top of the shoe where my big toe is wore so thin, my big toe started to tear through. The sides are still intact, however.I hope Osiris improves the material of this shoe and gets a better rubber compound for the sole. It's way too thin and needs gel inserts. I'm pretty disappointedbecause I like the looks of them. Mine just got so thrashed in a very short time.

    “great shoe!”

    The Good: color combos, comfy, strong, protects ankles, grippy sole

    The Bad: color combos, price

    Overall Review:

    These shoes are awesome, excelent ankle protection, grippy soles, but it's not the cheapest out there, but I still buy them, they're worth the price. The worst thing about these shoes are some of the color combos. some are great, some are just an eye sore!!


    Size 5-14
    Colors Many
    Miscellaneous Cup sole, high top.
    Price $80.00
    More Info Osiris website