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Osiris NYC 83 Mid VLC Shoes

Average User Rating: (Good)
Osiris NYC 83 Mid VLC Shoes 12801681_p

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    “Osiris/Subrosa Collab”

    The Good: These shoes were a diffinate upgrade from my past Nike's and ES. The grip was very good with my fairly fresh twisted pc's. A little slick in the dirt but not bad. Tread held up great for the first 2-3 months. very flexible for those super long manuals.

    The Bad: Started to come apart around the top of the white band but they are still holding up pretty well.

    Overall Review: I really enjoyed these shoes but I would have liked them to hold up a bit better. I'm really hoping that Osiris comes out with NYC 83 mids that are vulcanized as I dont like the high tops.

    “very good shoes!!!!!!”

    The Good: good for brakeless grip the pedal well even if u dont have very gripy pedals

    The Bad: sick is they made it in a high top but it doesn't make a big differents

    Overall Review: overall these shoes are best iv ever riden with and there not that dear of danscomp


    Size 5-14
    Colors Subrosa
    Miscellaneous Osiris / Subrosa collab on the brand new NYC 83 Mid VLC shoe.

    More info at OsirisShoes.com
    Price $70.00
    More Info Osiris website