Vans Owens Hi 2 Shoes (discontinued)

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Vans Owens Hi 2 Shoes as_owens_hi_2_hawk_blu_gum
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    “Crap shoes”

    The Good:

    Had great grip like all vans for around 10 days

    The Bad:

    I thought hey chase hawk endorses them so they should last but I was wrong if you want a good grippy shoe for ten days buy them but if your looking to enjoy riding for a month don't waste your money on these

    Overall Review:

    Good if you need a good pair of expensive shoes fast but don't plan on having them long if you ride a lot, they grip good but wear down like crap got a huge hole in mine in under 30 days

    “Van's Owens Hi 2 Shoes”

    The Good:

    Stiff, Nice, Durable, Grip to your pedals very well, Supports you aknles and heel.

    The Bad:

    Little high on the price. (order from danscomp and you can find some discounts)

    Overall Review:

    I just got these shoes today and have loved them! There really nice shoes and endorsed be Chase Hawk. if Chase Hawk can make them last anybody can.


    Size 6.5-13
    Colors Hawk Blue/Gum
    Price $70.00
    More Info Vans website