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VP Components Forged Titanium Axle Upgrade Spindle

VP Components Forged Titanium Axle Upgrade Spindle Ti-Axle

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    Materials Titanium


    Miscellaneous Upgrade to Forged Titanium axles for the VP-69 and VP VICE. The only Forged Ti axle upgrades available are stronger than the forged cro-moly steel axles they replace and reduce the weight of a pair of pedals by 70 grams. Most Ti Axles are machined from stock to save costs, however the end result is not as strong. We go the extra step and forge our Ti axles so that you can enjoy the higher strength and lighter weight compared to steel without worrying about the durabilty of your equipment. Forged Titanium Nitride Coated Drops the Weight of VP-69 and VP Vice by 70g per pair
    Price $100.00