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Eastern Bikes Medusa Lite Sprocket Sprocket

Average User Rating: (Good)
Eastern Bikes Medusa Lite Sprocket Sprocket Medusa Lite Sprocket

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    The Good: Light weight

    The Bad: WEAK, small teeth.

    Overall Review: I blew out a crank hole in just a few months, and I've NEVER had a crank hole blow out. A few extra ounces around the crank holes would have made a huge difference, and the tiny teeth are just asking to snap. A decent sprocket only has to weigh a very minimal amount more, and being the lightest isn't worth sacrificing rider safety.

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    “surprisingly decent”

    The Good: light and cheap

    The Bad: kinda slanted now

    Overall Review: i havent had any problems with it, and ive landed on it pretty hard i messe up on a smith and landed pretty hard and i cased alot when i was learning spines and hips so far the only thing is that it slanted which is an easy fix

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    “Suprisingly still got the same sprocket”

    The Good: It lasted longer than I ever thougt it would, still got all my teeth and havnt blown a hole yet

    The Bad: This sprocket bent like a blade of grass

    Overall Review: I hear everyone bitching about this sprocket and how it's garbage but this is the only eastern thing that has held up so far (besides the frame but Im waiting till I crack that bitch) I rotated the hole the other day and it's warped but not broken, and I know I torque that thing more than the normal rider does

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    “eastern sprocket”

    The Good: its light and looks good

    The Bad: breaks easyily

    Overall Review: my little brother broke on of the crank bolt holes and has broke 1 tooth so far i have the same sproket and havnt ha a problem YET but they are weak

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    The Good: NOTHING AT ALL

    The Bad: its made out of tin foil and bends and the teeth break like nothing

    Overall Review: this is a piece of shit sprocket eastern makes the crapiest parts

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    The Good: looks good. cheap.

    The Bad: i have had this sprocket 3 times. It bent all 3 times and broke 2 times. I think it would be better if it was thicker because i broke right through the hole where your crank attaches

    Overall Review: a sprocket is something you sholdnt have to replace a lot, but if you get this one, you will. Invest in a good sprocket, not this one

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    Tooth Count
    Tooth Size

    CNC machined 7075 alloy
    -6mm thick
    -Machined to save weight but strong enough for abuse
    -Available in 25T, 28, 30T, & 33T
     25T - 2.0oz
     28T - 2.2oz
     30T - 2.5oz
     33T - 2.9oz

    MSRP: $36.99
    Featured color: green
    Other colors:





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