Ezra Equis Sprocket

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Ezra Equis Sprocket V53-equis-group
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    “not a bashgard kind but just as good”

    The Good:

    made of the steel like the oddessy bashgard kind only %199.9 grate price. my frend says its not as good as primo but i think its more like a mcneil or oddessy becase its like a bashgard kind strength i missed my peg on smith down some stairs and slided on the eqis all the way and then i crashed and hit my knee but the sprocket was still round no need to tru it at family cylces

    The Bad:

    not a splin kind and no real bashgard built in but metel is as strong as oddessy kind and grate price cant loose mom ordered rong color but then dad help me color sharpie on it like a fit logo so im happy

    Overall Review:

    do a favor and make a trigger on this eqis kind no need to tru after grinds and grate price only $!9.99 helps make grinds more relieble and strong even not a splin kind.

    “The Only Sprocket I'll Ever Use”

    The Good:

    I dont know where to start. well its light, strong, thick, the teeth on it look tough as hell in person. Even if you think it looks weak i'd say to get it because it'll exceed any expectations.

    The Bad:

    Nothing really!

    Overall Review:

    I'm never going to use another sprocket in my life. These are so solid its scary. Don't hate it because its not name brand. This thing will can go through anything you throw at it. I'm glad i purchased this.


    The Good:

    it looks so weak but......ITS SO STRONG. 7075, cnc'd, 6mm thick or in other words BRING IT BITCH

    The Bad:

    its a brighter purple than it appears on the internet

    Overall Review:

    yeah i dont want you to get it because im like 1 out of like 250 ppl runing this sproket so yea dnt get it. odds are ppl run your spocket is like......... 15000 ppl yeah suck it. good spocket no bends so far (got it in 28 tooth)


    Tooth Count Available in 23T, 25T, 28T
    Tooth Size 1/8"
    Materials CNC Machined From 7075 Alloy, Thicker In Areas More Prone to Stress & Thinner Where Less Material is Needed
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte White, Matte Blue, Matte Purple, Matte Gold

    23T: 0 lb 2.3 oz (65 g)

    25T: 0 lb 2.4 oz (68 g)

    28T: 0 lb 3 oz (84 g)

    Price $29.99
    More Info Ezra website