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Profile SS Blackjack Sprocket Sprocket (discontinued)

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Profile SS Blackjack Sprocket Sprocket SS Blackjack Sprocket

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    “Hell Yeah!”

    The Good: This sprocket will never fail you. If you still ride this sprocket with a 3/16th chain and do sprocket bashes: you are all that is man.

    The Bad: Lets take a lead dinner plate, file some teeth on it. It will weigh 6 pounds, but whatev.

    Overall Review: From the days where as long as you rolled away from that 4 story drop to flat, it was sick. I wish they made sprockets this cool these days.


    The Good: SUPER STRONG and looks awesome

    The Bad: i dont think there was anything bad about it other than that its heavy but its too sexy not to love

    Overall Review: my brother had this sprocket about 8 or 9 years ago when he used to ride his "tank". it was a 50 pound gt fly back when gt was actually good that bike was so awesome but there is no way i could ride it now that ive got mine down 22 pounds


    I got this sprocket in highschool when I switched to a cassette wheel in the back. Got it in a 36t which was the smallest possible back then. Held up fine grinded on it a bit but did pretty good. Kind of ugly design thats the only thing I could say. Dont know why I got it but I guess I though it was cool back then.


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