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Tree Bicycle Co. 4130 Sprocket Sprocket

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Tree Bicycle Co. 4130 Sprocket Sprocket sprockets_tree_HT_BD_blk
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    “I've got the 28Tooth”

    The Good: Light weight, Strong, Spline Drive, Hardly Wears, Cheap!

    The Bad: Looks fragile (Which also looks good)

    Overall Review:

    Got mine on a closeout when the v2 came out. running it on my dirt jumper and im really loving it. no issues over the last six months.


    The Good: Light Stiff Doesn't wear quick, takes ages to wear.. my mate has had his for 1 year and still hasn't chipped Everything 4130 Chromoly, so less steel is needed.

    The Bad: The thinness of it scares people Not really for an abusive rider, id recommend tree lite for street chain is stiff on the top and bottom of the sprocket when you tighten your chain, but you can pretty much wobble your chain on the front of the sprocket, it kind of has top and bottom tension while the front has no tension. Shamefully only comes in raw and black

    Overall Review:

    Really sweet sprocket, which had more colours... super solid, super nice sprocket.

    Don't let the looks of it deceive you! it's super strong.

    “sweet sproket”

    The Good: looks good light weight and strong

    The Bad: nothing really just kinda tight fit to get on but it doesnt move

    Overall Review: really nice sprocket super clean look and no more loose sprocket bolts


    Tooth Count 22, 25, 28, 30.
    Tooth Size 3/32"
    Thickness 1/8"
    Materials 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly
    Colors Black

    Bolt Drive: 0 lb 2.4 oz (68 g)

    Spline Drive: 0 lb 2.6 oz (74 g)

    Price $39.99
    More Info Tree Bicycle Co. website