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Tree Bicycle Co. Lite Spline Drive Sprocket Sprocket

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Tree Bicycle Co. Lite Spline Drive Sprocket Sprocket Black
C70_lite_25t_spline C70_tree_25t_boltlite_red C70_tree_25t_boltlite_gold C70_tree_25t_boltlite_blue

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    “best sprocket I've owned BY FAR”

    The Good: Spline drive, thick but machined so its light, offset teeth show no wear after 4 years of street & park riding!

    The Bad: Nothing at all..I effing swear.

    Overall Review: Last sprocket you'll ever have to buy. A guy at Richardson bike mart talked me into buying this 4 years ago.. to me its unreal for a sprocket to last that long. Tree is an awesome company

    “Best Sprocket yet!”

    The Good: Light spline drive I-beam structure makes it stong without the extra weight looks really simple and clean

    The Bad: Not one thing.

    Overall Review:

    The edges of the I beams are sharp as fuck keep yo fingers outta there! Split me a good one! haha

    “Great sprockey”

    The Good: light strong good paint

    The Bad: expensive, very pricey

    Overall Review: I have the bolt version and my buddy has the spline drive version. No problems with either and i've beat the shit out of mine. missed grinds and improper chain tensions this sprocket will take it. Tree has outdone themselves again as always.

    “Best right here”

    The Good: Its Tree so its good quality, its strong and thick. Its also spline drive so its easier to get your chain in alignment.

    The Bad: Nothing besides the price? I got mine cheap at my shop. Possibly hard to install if you dont have your crank installing tool.

    Overall Review: I Love this sprocket been wanting one for years. Those I-Beam spokes are dope aswell. its also light and all around sick. Get one

    “Tree spline”

    The Good: It's amazing having a chaindrive that's aligned for a change. light and keeps me rollin'!

    The Bad: I've got one or two teeth that are tweaked, but it's still running great.

    Overall Review: Good overall sprocket, it can take some abuse and keep going.


    The Good: really good all round , light, strong. looks sick and its spline drive

    The Bad: none i can think of other than my bike shop only had one colour in stock and a bit pricey

    Overall Review: get one you'l never regret it unless you get un-splined cranks eg. thunderbolts


    Tooth Count Spline drive
18t,20t,22t for flatland w/ 3/32’ wide teeth 22t, to 30t,33t,36t, 39t, 42t, and 44 tooth
    Tooth Size 18,20,22t spline 3/32" all others 1/8"
    Thickness 5/16
    Materials 7075 T6
    Colors Black,Blue, Gold, Red, Silver

    25t Bolt Drive: 0 lb 2.2 oz (62 g)

    25t Spline: 0 lb 2.6 oz (74 g)

    Price $64.99
    More Info Tree Bicycle Co. website