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Shadow Conspiracy Attack Stem (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Shadow Conspiracy Attack Stem s600_91524800_1262029406

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    “pretty sweet”

    The Good: holds really tight, sweet looks, comes with a free gyro thingy which is a bonus even though brake less is the way forward, the bolts NEVER strip and ive had the stem for 1 years now,

    The Bad: slipped once howvere that was a 3 volcanoe to flat so thats understandable

    Overall Review: its sick get it if you can still get hold off one

    “great stem”

    The Good: light, never slips, and it looks cool

    The Bad: nothing so far

    Overall Review: i was looking for a cheap stem so i got the stolen convict v3, bad choice. then i got the attack and i have no problems

    “this stem is a boner”

    The Good: its an amazing stem! its not boxy so when i hit your knee on it it doesnt bruise as badly, and its light, and it holds the bars soooooo tight :D

    The Bad: there is absolutly nothing bad about this stem

    Overall Review: i love ths stem and its the best stem ive ever ridden, this stem can have sex with any girl it wants

    “Strong, light, pimp.”

    The Good: Looks great, never slips, is perfectly light (not too light like some POS's)

    The Bad: Out of stock everywhere now.

    Overall Review: I've been running this for about a year and a half, AMAZING stem. It looks super clean (especially the top load which I run) and holds up to a beating... the new stems are too light and crack, but these are perfect. I weigh 180 and come down hard on it, never slipped, never bent, never cracked. LOVE this stem.

    “have it. love it. ride it.”

    The Good: looks legit< never slips< light, its a shadow

    The Bad: nothing yet

    Overall Review: go get one there cheap awsome and fantastic<<<<<<<<

    “''great stem'' ”

    The Good: everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Bad: nothing at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Overall Review: ive had this stem for about a year and 1month and there hasnt been one bad thing to say about. its lighter than most stems with all 6 bolts, and theres lots of colors to chose from. id recommend getting this stem, the best for the price!!!

    “best stem ever”

    The Good: it looks clean, comes in lots of colors, its strong, and it NEVER slpis

    The Bad: there is nothing bad about this stem

    Overall Review: ive had about 7 of these stems and i love every one ove them, they never slipped or got stripped, ive got the new shadow strike stem... it SUCKS, the only good thing about it is that it looks good and its light. i want my attack stem back, i would recommend this stem to anyone




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