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Alienation Iron Maiden Stem

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Alienation Iron Maiden Stem IRMNprofileBLK

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    “bad ass stem”

    The Good: perfect reach if your short like me (5'7) rides good and looks sick

    The Bad: pinches easliey really confusing at first if you have to take it off

    Overall Review:

    looks sick, rides good, but confusing as hell to get off, if you get this stem be very careful not to pinch it

    “Top Notch.”

    The Good: Every single thing about this stem is just the bees knees. I have only had a handful of sessions with this stem, but being as objective and critical as I can be...I simply cannot find a single flaw in this stem. The design is immaculate, and the process for getting a slip free grip is simple. First a touch of medium strength Loc-Tite on all bolts and on your bars. A touch. This stem grips so well that you may not even need more than a drop or two. 1: Put bars in stem. Tighten a lil. 2. Line stem up on fork. Tighten a lil. 3. Take bars and "face plates"..if that's what you call them...completely off. 4. Lock stem down. 5. Now you are free to put your bars on. The reason you do this last is because you want to fully bring in the pinch bolts and the stem so you don't bend or bind your bars, bolts, and faceplates. The only potential for error here is that it is possible to bring in the pinch bolts so far that you may crimp your steerer tube. The two centrally located pinch bolts do a wonderful job of keeping tight on the forks enabling the stem to have that rounded knee-friendly backside that everybody loves. Eastern has several stems with a single pinch bolt design and they flat out don't work as well as this stem does. You can read my review on the Deceptikon, and I also have one of their cheap stems with the same design (Dans sale for a whopping 15$). I wouldn't dare put that thing on any bike other than the one with single wall rims that I river jump with.

    The Bad: Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Overall Review: Alienation has earned their 70 dollars. The name drew me in because I'm a Maiden fan. I came for the name, I bought it for the design. Don't get too hung up on the name being shared with a heavy metal band, the name is a little more symbolic than that. This thing does everything you would expect from a torture device, it will lock on and never let go.

    “Iron Maiden Stem”

    The Good: Innovative

    The Bad: Nothing.

    Overall Review: Shaye - you got that Stem on a complete giveaway by winning a contest that you won a FREE bike. It was a sample. The issue has been resolved and the Stem is SOLID. -Rob
    Overall Review: Shaye - you got that Stem on a complete giveaway by winning a contest that you won a FREE bike. It was a sample. The issue has been resolved and the Stem is SOLID. -Rob

    “The review was meh”

    The Good: I received one of these a couple months ago and love it. It has a nice look and is light.

    The Bad: After a few months the back of the stem cracked and that was the end of that

    Overall Review: I had bad luck with it cracking but thats just mine

    “da da da da damnnnn!”

    The Good: wow that looks ill! and most of the new light stems with hollow parts have the clamp part of the stem on the opposite side now like near the bars instead of on the older way and only have one tighting boltt and this one has two so it will def not slip

    The Bad: doesnt look like anything i mean i dont have it but want it and will get it soon

    Overall Review: looks like one of the sickest stems out there, have not heard anything about it but def looks legit and wont slip like the other new stems


    Reach 50 mm
    Materials 7075 T6 CNC
    Colors Black

    0 lb 9.2 oz (260 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Alienation website