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Animal Jump-Off Stem Stem

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Animal Jump-Off Stem Stem Jump-Off Stem

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“A pretty bombproof stem.”

The Good: A bit heavy, but real bulky and sturdy, good clamping with big strong bolts.

The Bad: Sometimes if the rear cannot be tightened enough, it has to be over-tightened, causing pinching.

Overall Review:

Somewhat almost comparable to other bombproof stems like the S&M Challenger.

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“Bullet proof”

The Good: Amazing bolts, My bars never slip and it is durable as hell

The Bad: Its a little heavy

Overall Review:

i bought it off a guy online and it is one of my favorite parts on my bike

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“Favorite Part off My Bike”

The Good: Every Thing, a lil Heavy but My Frame and My Bars will Bend/Crack/Snap Before this Stem Even Thinks About Budging Even the Slightist Bit., I Love This Stem.Its Worth the $.

The Bad: The only Bad Thing is You Dont Own One

Overall Review: Awsome,Awsome,Awsome,Awsome,Awsome,Awsome,Awsome

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“Siccck stem.”

The Good: Almost everything. Its strong, looks great and is very well designed ( Knee friendly )

The Bad: Its a little heavy but I'd rather have strength than light-weight any day.

Overall Review: The best stem I've owned and I encourage anyone to buy this or the remix.

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“beast...i own it”

The Good: cool looks semi knee friendly design lightweight

The Bad: no stem is purely knee friendly haha had to get spacers cuz it was too short for the fork (my bike)

Overall Review: really good, strong, and light. plus i work at a bike shop so i got it half price

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“sweet as hell”

The Good: holds good dont have to mess with it stays clamped

The Bad: um not too fancy kind of plain a lil hevy but its just a stem

Overall Review: sweet i reccomend holds awesome and is strong as balls

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Miscellaneous Suggested retail: N/A
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Gold, Olive, Green, Brown
Size: 48.5 mm reach, 1 1/8” threadless
Materials: Aluminum
Weight: 10.8oz.
Other features: N/A
Style: Front load

Price N/A
More Info Animal website