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Coalition Povah Stem Stem

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Coalition Povah Stem Stem Povah-Frontload-Stem
C70_povah_frontload_stem C70_132641390_1288370637 C70_98748810_1288370653

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    “Povah ......”

    The Good: No slip EVER, sick as hell and light

    The Bad: Welll..... It doesnt come with money sooo that is bad.

    Overall Review: I've had this bitch for a few months now and when i tighten those bolts my bars DON'T MOVE. it is a badass stem and I don't see ever getting rid of it.

    “Coalition Povah Stem”

    The Good: it looks great .

    The Bad: sidebolts are hollow and break easey when you tight it to hard it whil bend its not so strong at all

    Overall Review: great stem with solid sidebolts for light use

    “stem for men”

    The Good: has the holding power of zeus himself

    The Bad: well... sheiiit i dont know

    Overall Review: this stem is like a mormon wife give it all the shit you want and will still love you long time


    Reach 50mm
    Materials 6061 alloy
    Colors charcoal black or Red

    0 lb 9.5 oz (269 g)

    Miscellaneous 6061 CNC machined aluminum body and caps. Split cap design. Ovalized rear clamp bolt holes. New rounded rear body. Material cut outs to maximize strength and save weight. Available in Matte Black (Charcoal) and Red Weighs: 9.5 oz.
    Price $49.99
    More Info Coalition website