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Cult Mind Control FL Stem (discontinued)

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Cult Mind Control FL Stem MC - Black
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The Good: - holds great - tightened mine only a few times - light weight/slim - on top of everything, it looks awesome

The Bad: - chipped my face plate fairly easily, but the performance is still there

Overall Review: go out and buy one, it'll last you a solid chunk of riding. It can take a beating, looks sweet in raw.

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“good stem”

The Good: its strong barely ever slips plus the rasta looks nice

The Bad: nothing yet

Overall Review: ive had this stem for about 4 months now ive had no problems at all

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“Cult Mind Control Stem”

The Good: Looks nice, light, hollow bolts.

The Bad: Slipped the first day I had it, but I just tightened it as tight as I could and it's fine now.

Overall Review: Pretty good stem that I recommend getting.

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“Cult mind control stem”

The Good: Strength Looks Weight

The Bad: Nothing I can think of

Overall Review: Got this for christmas and has not slipped once since then. The flat top looks awesome with the fit shiv fork bolt. Plus the back is rounded off so no chance of cutting your knees with this thing. Best stem on the market. No wonder, it's a Cult.

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“Pretty good stem”

The Good: Light basic design

The Bad: Cracked the facePlate

Overall Review: Stem was good while I had it. After adjusting my bars I somehow cracked/stripped the faceplate. One side actually snapped while the other 3 sides showed signs of destress. I recommend but don't tighten to tight.

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“Great Stem”

The Good: Light, strong, clean, small, it's a frontload, it's cult

The Bad: the color is faded

Overall Review: I traded some idiot kid for my stock fit stem for the mind control and I love it. The color is faded from black to a very dark purple but it still works great.

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Reach 52mm
Materials CNC'd 6061 Aluminum
Colors Black, Polished, Rasta

0 lb 9 oz (255 g)

Price $54.99
More Info Cult website