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Cult SALVATION Stem Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 1.44.58 PM
C70_screen_shot_2011_12_14_at_1.44.58_pm C70_screen_shot_2011_12_14_at_1.45.21_pm C70_screen_shot_2011_12_14_at_1.45.38_pm C70_screen_shot_2011_12_14_at_1.45.08_pm

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    “CULT SALVATION!!!! rasta”

    The Good: Light and strong perfect rise never slipped once remember too tighten correctly.

    The Bad: Nothing look foward too what the v2 has too offer

    Overall Review:

    The best stem ive ever had in my 10 years plus riding go buy one!!

    “Absolutely kick ass”

    The Good: cheap, Holds my bars, very light, lifts dem bars real hiiiigh

    The Bad: it hurts if you hit your knee on it?

    Overall Review: This thing is very simple. it clamps very well and if it isn't for you it means you aren't tightening the bolts evenly or to much. I hate seeing bad reviews on good products because retards don't know what they are doing. If you tighten your stem correctly this thing will last you forever.

    “more like damnation”

    The Good: looks absolutely awesome.

    The Bad: bolts snap. no clamping power.

    Overall Review: i liked it at first but it just kept slippin and slippin and never held in place. for real. get the shadow tl. much better

    “part of the topload savation army”

    The Good: solid as hell, not an issue so far, grips the bars real well, never slipped so far

    The Bad: lil boring looking, but its functional

    Overall Review: excellent stem over all. very well worth it. its not ridiculously expensive either. i love it.


    The Good: Cult topload has the most rise out of most top loads. Its clean small and your bars wont move

    The Bad: Nothing its siiiiiiick

    Overall Review: Good ass stem it looks legit and is super light



    0 lb 9 oz (255 g)

    Miscellaneous using the same design concept as the mind control, we created the salvation stem. clean lines, maximum lift, and the strength you expect from any cult product. 6061 aluminum, hollow bolts, 52mm 10.1oz. available in black, raw, red, and rasta.
    Price $54.99
    More Info Cult website