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Demolition Stealth Stem

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    “Just, AWESOME.”

    The Good: Fucking awesome. NO doubt about it.

    The Bad: After awhile, the faceplate holes where the bolts go in kinda threaded wit the stem too, but then again i've never had a stem that wasn't like that.

    Overall Review:

    If you want this things, GET IT NOW. If you need a stem. GET THIS ONE NOW

    “Great Stem”

    The Good: Strong, looks sweet, not too expensive, light. Hasn't slipped once

    The Bad: If you dont have very strong bars, it could indent and wreck them. I had to get new bars, but my old bars were weak.

    Overall Review:

    I love this stem, looks nice, it's light, and strong. Buy it if you have strong bars. Doesnt slip, it was a good buy.

    “Good Stem, Ugly front Cut Out”

    The Good: Great Profile Flat Top and recessed top bolt cover. Strong and Hearty

    The Bad: The Giant "D" Cut out on the front is ugly. Which is quit the "Bad." I like clean, which is what the rest of this stem is.

    Overall Review: Great for the most part The GIANT "D" really urks me though. Freakin ugly.

    “Awesome Stem”

    The Good: Really slim and light weight, compared to it's replacement (F1 LT). Looks great on the bike, specially from the front because of the "D" cut out logo.

    The Bad: The paint on the white stem chips WAY too easy, but who cares.

    Overall Review: Overall good stem, nothing to complain about. Switching it up for a top load so look for it on the for sale area soon!

    “Demolition Stealth”

    The Good: Light, strong and comes in sweet colors. This stem has held up perfectly for me and i ride street so thats alot of big drops and flat landings. very legit. i would totally recomend this stem to anyone looking for a new one. and its cheap to!!!

    The Bad: needs more color options

    Overall Review: Excellent! great stem for the price. strong light ect

    “great well built stem”

    The Good: strong light and its also thin (+)

    The Bad: doesnt come in tomany colors

    Overall Review: great stem i would reccomend it to any one who wants a goood stem


    Reach 50
    Materials 6061 Aluminum w/ 6 Hollow Bolts
    Colors White, Gold, Red, Purple, Green and Black

    0 lb 9 oz (255 g)

    Miscellaneous Stack Height: 32 mm Rise: 12mm
    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website