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Eastern Bikes Choker 3 Stem

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Eastern Bikes Choker 3 Stem 13-020C
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    “Don't buy this stem”

    The Good: Won't hurt your knees lightweight cheap

    The Bad: Never stays put cracked on its second season of light riding

    Overall Review: I would never recommend this stem to anyone. I am a very casual rider mostly park with a little low risk street occasionally. Nothing about the way I ride my bike should ever break crack or bend anything and yet this stem managed to crack on the lower steerer tube ring a month into my second summer with it. Before it cracked it was notorious foe moving around on the steerer tube. It held the bars great front to back but moved around the steerer tube quite often.

    “eastern choker...”

    The Good: colors, strong, Bars don't slip in it.

    The Bad: sits odd on your headset it wears down the whole thing, it slips on the steer tube bad. terrible. either be concious of the tightening oh handle slipping. or get a diffrent stem.

    Overall Review: so heres my story...i got the stem cuz of weight,and the lack of knee corners.it worked great and i was super happy with it untill it slipped. i didnt know about tension bolts. i loosend the main holder bolt tightened the tension bolt then retightened the main it worked again the snap! there goes my star nut. i replace it and it says will hold tighgt no need for jb weld or anything. it failed and headset would come loose i got to the point where i would hammer it in with the bolt and cap then SUPER tighten the main bolt then one day on my monthly bike cleaning i take i off cuz my headset clicks. egged and notched my forks. because it is slightly my fault for over tightening i wont blame the stem 100% just 90 but now i need new stem, forks, and headset. i dont recomend this stem to anyone unless your comfortable with slipping steer tube or notcehd forks. Hope this helped.

    “im just curious”

    The Good: i dnt efin know haha

    The Bad: yeah idk this either

    Overall Review: well to the point im getting into riding and i just wanted to know if this was a good stem to begin with. im at the level where i can do G turns and im working on 180's i just need sum advice thx

    “Not Very Good”

    The Good: not bulky in the back so no hitting your knees and it looks good

    The Bad: I liked this stem when I got it but it kept revealing more and more problems. The bars don't slip but it slips on the steerer tube really easy if you don't crank it to the max, but then you risk messing up your steerer tube. the biggest problem was that it sits unevenly on the headset, it pushes on one side of the headset more than the other, this makes is quite noticably crooked and also makes the whole headset wobbly and feel like crap. I've also heard of lots of people snapping the face plates.

    Overall Review: I think you should save up a little more for something better. It's not good and it ruins your headset. The only good thing about it is the looks and lack of corners to hit your knees on.


    Reach 53mm
    Materials Forged Aluminum Front Load Stem w/ Dual Cap Design & Externally Machined to Save Weight Aluminum Wedge Clamp and Chromoly Bolts
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Hot Blue, Matte Gold, Matte Red, Matte Blue, Matte Flatinum, Matte Purple

    0 lb 9 oz (255 g)

    Miscellaneous Excellent Value-oriented Stem w/ Many Features Seen on Much More Expensive Stems
    Price N/A
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