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Eastern Bikes Deceptikon Stem Stem

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Eastern Bikes Deceptikon Stem Stem Deceptikon Stem

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    “very nice stem”

    The Good: pretty solid, lightweight,

    The Bad: i had the front stem bolts snap from over tightening but they are only like half the diameter in the threads but i contacted eastern about it and they sent me a whole new stem

    Overall Review: great stem, looks great, solid, only thing i would change is the bolts

    “fig your a retard to the tenth degree......”

    The Good: light as shit. good colors. sleek look

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review: fig your dumb ass hell. why the fuck does everybody have to trash on eastern. their parts are gonna break like any other part but your just like a bunch of dumb asses who have one defect in their part and think that part and brand are total garbage. but your a dumbtard and probably overtighted the the bolt and thats why you destroyed the threads. and yes you CAN overtighten bolts to the point of which they break. they arent indestructable like you must think they are.....

    “perks47 is dumb and a little overweight”

    The Good: light.....

    The Bad: the threads inside the stem stripped out, when i tightened the bolts the threads came out looking like a spring

    Overall Review: the stem is light but weak, and you can never "over tighten" a bolt, bolts only have one purpose, to be tightened and if the cant do that than they're just garbage, and figures it comes from eastern, i had the eastern choker, and the fork clamp bolt stripped, never get anything eastern, ever

    “Great Part From Eastern”

    The Good: I think it looks great. I weigh around 200 lbs and do plenty of drops to flat, hops, and crashes and my bars haven't moved at all.

    The Bad: It has moved on the fork a couple of times, only after hard crashes, no more than any other stem i've had, and i've had them all.

    Overall Review: The only problems I see that people are having is dumbasses over tightining the bolts. I COULD BREAK ANY BOLT IN ANY STEM IF JUST WANTED TO TRASH ON SOMEBODY'S SHIT. QUIT BEING DUMBASSES. I'm not gonna say its the only stem to have, but there's nothing better out there.

    “holy s&^% she is great”

    The Good: light strong color doesnt fade.

    The Bad: snapped a bolt but had a new one in a few days

    Overall Review: works like a stem should. doesnt strip out. also doesnt slip on me.



    Don't be deceived by Eastern's new Deceptikon. At under 8 ounces, this stem is one of the lightest. And since it's CNC'd out of 7075 T6 aluminum, it's also strong. Four hardened bolt hold the bars while the unique alloy wedge system keeps you stem tight to the fork.

    -7075 T6 aluminum
    -Hardened chromoly bolts
    -48mm reach
    -Removable gyro tabs
    -Under 8 ounces

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: blue

    Price N/A
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