Eastern Bikes Strangler Stem

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Eastern Bikes Strangler Stem Stem Strangler Matte Red
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    “its straight”

    The Good:

    its looks nice its really strong

    The Bad:

    lossens every couple of months

    Overall Review:

    every one that complains about it dents ur forks stop being a cheap ass and buy a aftermarket forks its not ment for stock forks i clean my bike every couple of weeks and no dents on my forks

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    Vital BMX member luisjr2
    95199 luisjr2 /images/default/avatar/c50.png http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/luisjr2,95199/all 06/16/12 1 4


    The Good:

    light great if u need it in an emergancy like when ur stem breaks at a comp

    The Bad:

    not a good stem to ride for a long time

    Overall Review:

    only use in an emergancy or it will break and u will die

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    Vital BMX member patrick mcclusky
    89726 patrick mcclusky http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/89726/avatar/c50_312584_290530810974289_100000521187853_1109304_73674916_n.jpg?1327178896 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/patrick-mcclusky,89726/all 01/21/12 1 4 1

    “Eastern Strangler Stem”

    The Good:

    Looks awesome.

    The Bad:

    Kinda loosens up a bit,I had to take it back to the shop today to get them to tighten it up.

    Overall Review:

    Great stem for anyone on a budget.

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    Vital BMX member tyler4eastern
    88907 tyler4eastern http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/88907/avatar/c50_1214112046.jpg?1325309228 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/tyler4eastern,88907/all 12/30/11 1 5 1

    “good vs bad”

    The Good:

    I dont care what anyone says i have been riding this frame for over a year now and it hasnt dented my forks or stripped out.

    The Bad:

    I havent found anything wrong with them!

    Overall Review:

    This is a good stem to have! Just make sure u dont tighten it too much.. they dont really dent your forks or anything like that.. Eastern is a good quality brand! This and the eastern choker are the same except that one is a top load and one is just regular.. dont listen to anyone that says it strips really easily or it comes loose and ecpeccialy about the whole dents ur forks!

    “dont even think about it”

    The Good:

    nothing at all

    The Bad:

    pinches ur forks, and dents them pretty bad

    Overall Review:

    they sucks, the pinch fucks up your forks, and the bolts lossen up and strip fast

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    Vital BMX member brittnyBMX988
    80992 brittnyBMX988 http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/80992/avatar/c50_DSC00082.jpg?1308379231 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/brittnyBMX988,80992/all 06/17/11 5

    “cheap and works”

    The Good:

    the price about $25-35.

    The Bad:

    nothing yet

    Overall Review:

    this is a great stem for the person with almost empty pockets.

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    Vital BMX member stamp
    78412 stamp http://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/78412/avatar/c50_thumbnail_7.jpg?1316607767 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/stamp,78412/all 04/24/11 16 http://www.vitalbmx.com/community/stamp,78412/setup 2 13 15 2


    Reach 55mm
    Materials Forged Aluminum Top Load w/ Dual-cap Design & Aluminum Wedge Clamp, Externally Machined to Save Weight & Chromoly Bolts
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Flatinum, Matte Gold, Matte Hot Blue, Matte Blue, Matte Purple

    0 lb 9.1 oz (259 g)

    Miscellaneous Excellent Value-oriented Stem w/ Many Features Typically Seen on Much More Expensive Stems
    Price N/A
    More Info Eastern Bikes website

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