Ezra Guantlet Top Load Stem

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Ezra Guantlet Top Load Stem V13-guantlet-group
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    “big num num”

    The Good:

    FUCKIN CLAMPS, bolts, looks ba especially with the hole on the bottom you can see your bars. made from 7075 so you know tht shits tough

    The Bad:

    ummm....... i wanna snap it but i cant ):

    Overall Review:

    had it for about 2 weeks...... ive came twice lol. and yeah this isnt a bullshit review i acutally have this stem

    “Weird design”

    The Good:

    its light even though i do not care about weight. holds by bars for the most part. nice cnc machining

    The Bad:

    slips sometimes. just tighten the shit out of it. looks awkward at the side view. feels cheap.

    Overall Review:

    read above. overally good stem i just think the top plate needs to be thicker.


    Reach 50mm
    Materials 7075 CNC'd Billet Aluminum Hardened 14.9 JIS(Japanese Inspection Standard) Hollow Chromoly Bolts
    Colors Matt Annodized Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Gold

    0 lb 9.7 oz (275 g)

    Price $44.99
    More Info Ezra website