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Stolen Convict TL Stem

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Stolen Convict TL Stem 2012STLN-CONVICTTLBLUE
C70_2012stln_convicttlblue C70_2012stln_convicttlwhite C70_2012stln_convicttlblack C70_2012stln_convicttlgold C70_2012stln_convicttlred C70_2012stln_convicttlred_top C70_2012stln_convicttlblue_exp

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“Do not buy”

The Good: When I first got this it looks awesome in red, that is about all the good

The Bad: It started to slip my bars down so I tightened it up again to a good tension still it fell down, then I did it as tight as I could now the paint around the bolts has flaked off and there is a crack in one. It doesn't give anymore riser than a front load stem.

Overall Review:
  • I have only had this for 2 months and I am looking to get a new stem defiantly not from stolen

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“What can i say, It's a piece of metal just like the other stems!”

The Good: Tall, Lightweight, Feels stiff and solid, sick colours, Doesn't mend to your forks and make it impossible to slip off!

The Bad: It slips when you do big shit, always have a 6mm allen wrench with you with this stem just incase. Super narrow, the bolts tighten weird on the top load plate.

Overall Review:

It's a pretty badass stem, Way better than what i have on my stock cult complete, and it's avalable in a sick red and a really sweet white..

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“It's a good ol' stem.”

The Good: Kept my bars good and tidy. Looks pretty cool flipped.

The Bad: It sliped once in a while on larger things.

Overall Review:

I traded my front load version of this stem for this. same thing, but taller.

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“Cheap But It Works”

The Good: Cheap and comes in cool colors.

The Bad: After a while of riding, the bars start slipping more and more.

Overall Review: Cheap and I would definitely recommend it if you're a begginer.

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“decent so far”

The Good: i like the slim look and it rides really well

The Bad: no grip marks where your bars go and nothing else

Overall Review: really good for the price and i just gopt it so well see how it goess

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Reach 50mm
Materials 6061 Aluminum
Colors Black, Dark Blue, Gold, Red, White

0 lb 9.6 oz (272 g)

Price N/A
More Info Stolen website