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Fit Down Low Regular Stem

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Fit Down Low Regular Stem Down Low Regular

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    “its a knee capper”

    The Good: looks nice hasn't slipped on me at all

    The Bad: the backside of it is kinda sharp i've taken a few hits to my knees but its nothing

    Overall Review:

    id buy this stem again wish it wasnt such a knee capper but its a good stem

    “It's Legit”

    The Good: Doesn't slip much if it does at all

    The Bad: It is kinda heavy and it's sort of pointy at the end of it

    Overall Review: I love it! Never slips and The color is pretty good. I had a purple and the color faded but whatever. Not bad

    “Wasnt expecting much... was very wrong.... again......”

    The Good: I go through stems like hot cakes.... usually break or crack one every few months. im the type of guy that values my own safety though, so as soon as i see hairline cracks or any signs of irregular stress, i will change the part. I bought this stem because it was the only one in stock when i was riding out west, usually spend about 50 - 60 CDN bux on one. this bad boy set me back 120 CDN but its all they had at the time and i just wanted to ride.... iv been running the same stem now for about 6 months and there is no sign of wear. I love the thing, no complaints other then that i wish i had just spent the extra cash in the first place on one. - VERY VERY durable - Mat finish is all through the stem, so if you scratch it, its not visible - low design lets you position on forks with spacers to whatever height you like - Works great with Gyro

    The Bad: I have nothing to say about this thing other then the cost. i was a little taken back at the price but after using it for so long, i can see where the extra money goes. - Cost

    Overall Review: Im a "SAFETY" nutcase. i wont ride without the right gear and my bike has to be 100%, if anything takes damage its usually replaced right away. my stems would always show cracks and damage that scared the hell out of me, this is the first one i have come across that takes the huge abuse without compromising integrity. My bars rarely slip (only if i land wrong) and the low profile deign is impressive allowing you to set up the forks and top tube to your preferred style. No obstructions with a gyro and simple install really made this thing a beauty to work with.

    “This is not STOCK Stem.”

    The Good: Its strong as. The bars never slip, well they havent for me. and its reasonly light.

    The Bad: People are saying this is a stock stem, but the ones that come on stock fits, are stock imitations, not the real thing.

    Overall Review: Yeah good as stem. had it for about two years and has never slipped on me or anything like that, Overall good.

    “The Best Stem I have Had yet!”

    The Good: Super durable and the BArs NEVER slip...doesnt crush the steerer tube or bars...Amazing stem

    The Bad: not very knee friendly, its a little on the heavy side

    Overall Review: The good deff out weighs the bad... has amazing feel and Nevr lets the bars slip...i got rid of my Ody Elementary Stem for this BABY!!!!!

    “the down low”

    The Good: bolts dont strip easily flat top clamp looks fresh pretty fresh.

    The Bad: dents and scrathches pretty easily

    Overall Review: its a legit stem.people need to stop worrying about weight..and no this stem does NOT come stock on any fir completes there fake.pretty good stem.i wouldnt try to put hallow bolts in this stem either it makes it look ugly.

    “crazy good stem.”

    The Good: everything.

    The Bad: nothing at all.

    Overall Review: this stem is really the best stem ive ever owned. it doesnt crush the bars or steerer tube or anything no matter how much you tighten it, and my bars have never ever slipped. looks really good too so cant argue with that haha. but its a really good stem all around.


    Miscellaneous • Unique “Flat-top” clamping system
    • Made in USA
    • CNC’ed 6061 aluminum
    • Grade 8 Allen head hardware
    • Includes 6mm wrench
    Price N/A
    More Info Fit website