Mission Converge Stem

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Mission Converge Stem stem_converge_gld
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    “Don't know what to think about with this stem”

    The Good: Strong, pretty light

    The Bad: Will make your bars slip if the bolts aren't super tight. And boy do I mean SUPER TIGHT!

    Overall Review:

    It's an alright stem. Came stock with a complete. If you're a beginner rider who won't abuse the bike so much like jumping and high drops, then this is fine for you. However, if you are a guy who does all the street stuff like in the web edits these days, this is NOT the right stem for you.

    “"good stem"”

    The Good: The only time it ever slipped was when it was brand new and still had paint on the inside.....after it wore in, it became really good, no problems and its super cheap.

    The Bad: its not a topload?

    Overall Review: came stock on my old bike, and works just fine, never had problems

    “Pretty Good”

    The Good: It looks nice, I had it for a while, i only swapped it because I wanted a topload. It worked fine. it's pretty light, if you like that. It never slipped on me.

    The Bad: Nothing really. I hit my knee a couple times, but what can you expect?

    Overall Review: It's a stem, and you can really go wrong, this has no gimmicky wedge systems. it's cheap.

    “SLIPS! not good in my opinion....”

    The Good: no good! sorry it slips and its kinda on the heavy side.....

    The Bad: ever since i got it on my stick kink whip it has slipped since the first day

    Overall Review: this stem slips alot im sorry mission but this product is not good in my opinion.....

    “looking at buying”

    The Good: comes in gold and cheap

    The Bad: afraid it might slip

    Overall Review: i am looking at buying this. i have been told it is a good stem and i have been told it slips tons so is this really a good stem that is fairly light and dosent slip ever even when wet?

    “pretty good”

    The Good: it came on my kink barrier and i still havent replaced it cuz it hasnt slipped and its very light+easy on ur wallet

    The Bad: not much at all

    Overall Review: prettttttyyyyyyy swwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt


    Reach 50mm reach
    Materials Made from 6061 forged aluminum
    Colors Black, White, Purple, Gold

    0 lb 9.6 oz (272 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Mission website