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Odyssey Elementry Stem Stem

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Odyssey Elementry Stem Stem Elementry Stem

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    “A good stem.”

    The Good: Unique design, better functioning design upgrade from the first version.

    The Bad: If you over-tighten it, you may crush your bars and ovalize your steerer tube. Under-tighten it maybe slightly and your bars may move slightly. Knurling on some bars may be slightly big making the bars hard to fit into the stem.

    Overall Review:

    Out of paranoia and unique clamping technique, I tend to not run these types of stems and just stick to the tradition 4 bolt face plate and 2 bolt rear pinching.

    “badass stem lots of people say it slips they must be mechanically inclined...”

    The Good: good light strong stem,holds good clean simple design ,clean

    The Bad: nothing ive been running this stem for over 2 years no problems.

    Overall Review:

    good lightweight stem. odyssey started something big with this stem and alot of companies followed (copied) their designs. one bolt does it all simple. holds tight mine has never slipped .TIGHTEN your bolts and maybe grease internals if this is a problem for you..like the rounded backside it helps my knees.i have the s2 version really like it,its well worth the money. dont knock something untill you try it.

    “not sure but so far its not sliped”

    The Good: is its light wieght and is 1 bolt tightens all

    The Bad: i have the odyssey lumberjack bars and it was real hard getting them this stem cause of the high knurlings on the bars

    Overall Review: if you liked to try something new this is the stem to try.

    “the best design out there. no problems”

    The Good: It's light as fuck, it's a unique design made by odyssey, so you know you can trust it. v3 no problems at all

    The Bad: The looks; it's a bit volatile, one week i love how it looks and the next i'm convinced it's dead ugly. I never came across the slipping problem on the v3 (the only one I used). Odyssey provides very in depth directions of how much you should tighten it; if you follow them even loosely i would be extremely surprised if you had a problem. i know i never did for the past probably 2 years

    Overall Review: perfect stem as far as the design goes, but you'll probably grow tired of the looks after a bit. nonetheless, that's not really an argument against it

    “its a great stem”

    The Good: its light, it looks nice, it makes my bars sit a little higher and i like that, haha.

    The Bad: i had it slip on me one time, but i think thats cause it wasnt tightend enough, i tighted it so its ok

    Overall Review: i think that some of the people that complain about this dont use it right

    “Nice i guess”

    The Good: very strong and doesnt hurt your knee as bad as other stems...

    The Bad: one bolt but you have to tighten it as much as it goes so the bars dont slip and it ends up stripping them

    Overall Review: get it if you have money to spend cuz more than likely youll end up needing new bars

    “"Its a good stem"”

    The Good: It doesnt slip if u tighten it to the right point, doesnt kill your knees when u hit them.

    The Bad: If u over tighten it could crush ur bars.

    Overall Review: I like it, it works for me and I am for the most part a serious rider.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Two years of prototyping, revision and continuous ride testing. The result is a design with superior clamping power at half the weight of an ordinary stem. One bolt simultaneously expands four wedge /components to clamp the handlebar and fork steerer tube in place. Available with or without Gyro tabs. 50 mm reach. 8 ounces / 230 grams. U.S. Patent 6955371

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    Featured color: black
    Other colors:

    gun metal

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