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Premium Products Sub 10 V2 Stem

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Premium Products Sub 10 V2 Stem 495A9540

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    “A good upgrade”

    The Good: The cut thru window looks clean. I have this stem in blue.

    The Bad: The fancy etching is a bit feminine. Luckily mine didn't come with the extra graphics! Sub 10

    Overall Review:

    A good choice to upgrade from a stock stem. I locked my Premium Whiskey bars down once and haven't needed to touch them in over a year.  Lightweight with a unique looks will set you apart.

    “The best stem I've ever personally used.”

    The Good: Has very good clamping system.

    The Bad: Stock bolts may or may not strip easily, depends.

    Overall Review:

    My bars haven't moved or slipped at ALL in the past half year or more. If you ride something the pros use, it'll most likely be trusty.

    “premium sub 10 v2 stem”

    The Good: looks great, bars don't slip, solid stem, the 53mm reach is great, and it's pretty inexpensive for a stem these days.

    The Bad: bolts aren't the greatest but they do the job. the "collar" of the bolt head shaved off some, but it still holds everything in place.

    Overall Review: this is a great stem, if you need a new stem i would recommend getting this one!


    Reach 53mm
    Materials CNC-machined billet 6061 aluminum
    Colors Purple, Black, Blue, Chrome & Red

    0 lb 9.2 oz (261 g)

    Miscellaneous This stem comes with a drilled and angle-cut one-piece front cap, hollow stem body drilled and milled to shave grams as well as hollow 6mm head Allen bolts. It's strong where it need to be, and light everywhere else. Josh Harrington goes big and he rocks this stem, so you know it can take a beating and keep on holding strong.
    Price N/A
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