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S&M Redneck XLT Stem

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
S&M Redneck XLT Stem Redneck XLT

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    “Best. Front. Load. Stem.”

    The Good: Pretty dope little stem not to machined to the point of where its gonna kill you on a huge drop. strong ass bolts too

    The Bad: Had one pinch and have seen others pinch also bolts get super rusty

    Overall Review: Never slips. Pinching sucks but whatever its a great stem light as fuck

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    “Never getting rid of mine.”

    The Good: Feels great. I've had no problems with it moving on my steerer tube or my bars slipping. It feels solid like I'm never going to break it

    The Bad: Some people might say it weighs too much, but the weight of a stem doesn't make a difference.

    Overall Review: Fantastic and i would ride it if i were you.

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    “i love mine”

    The Good: i have the limited edition inferno so it looks nasty

    The Bad: hard to get on

    Overall Review: so nice, my bars havent slipped yet and ive had it for a few years, its just a bitch to get on sometimes

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    The Good: looks rad and neva moves

    The Bad: hmmmm todays a wednesday but only 2 till friday:] .

    Overall Review: got a red one and been rollin it for about a year now and has never slipped on the forks or the bars..would rcommend it to everyone.

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    “most legit stem on the market”

    The Good: its light , looks chill ,doesnt move as much when adjusting (so easy adjusting) ,, better than any other s&m stem

    The Bad: its hard to put on (use a rubber mellot

    Overall Review: i love this stem its the best i had sofar i bought it from a friend last year and i never had a problem with it

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    i got the redneck LT,,,its heavy,and missing 2 of the hardware nuts,,but it never moves,,except on the sterrer tube,,but m only running 3 bolts on the front and my bars havent moved back or forward at all,,its a really good stem!!

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    Miscellaneous The shafted Redneck debuted in 1993, and quickly became the gold (or red) standard.
    The threadless clamp-on version soon followed, spawning countless imitators over the
    years. Made in California and constantly refined, the Redneck XLT is light, strong, and
    • Made in USA
    • CNC’ed 6061 aluminum
    • Grade 8 Allen head hardware
    • Includes 6mm wrench and sticker
    Price N/A
    More Info S&M website