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Stolen Convict Stem (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Stolen Convict Stem 2010STLNconvictgroup
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    The Good: Its stolen, great parts for cheap. Looks great. Can flip it without it looking to weird.

    The Bad: Nothing bad

    Overall Review:

    Ive never had any problems with slipping. I believe thats user error and improper installation. just like with any stem, you have to make sure that the bolt plate is on evenly and tightened well. Personally the worst stem is the odyssey elementry, piece of crap. It makes it difficult for quick adjustments.

    “no complaints”

    The Good: comes in some nice colours, really good price and i've been running it for 3 weeks and i've riden trails, heavy street and done some huge drops on the thing today and it's held up perfectly, you've got to be a bit of an idiot to strip the bolts tbh :L

    The Bad: nothing really, its got a cold forged faceplate which means it'll be weaker than more expensive stems but it was £25, what do you expect

    Overall Review: not a bad buy tbh but if you can afford a stronger, better looking more expensive stem, do.

    “It's cheap And The Same Thing As The Convict TL”

    The Good: It's cheap and comes in lots of colors.

    The Bad: After a while the bars start slipping more and more.

    Overall Review: It's the same thing as the Convict TL.

    “has its goods and bads”

    The Good: the good is the weight and price i should know because i have on my stolen riot 2011

    The Bad: the bad is the bolts they will slip if you tighten them to much or alot or if you and hard the stem will snap

    Overall Review: i would recommend this to anyone who does not land too hard or doesn't tighten them to much

    “Handlebar hater”

    The Good: look pretty nice and very cheap.

    The Bad: This stem is horrible, it doest catch your bars so they will always be slipping, the bolts are so weak and will break/strip very easily. Mine came with my bike I put it on, didn't work at all and I had it away after a day.

    Overall Review: overall I'd have to say don't get this stem, it suck and will break. It literally lasted me a day. Trust me and just pay an extra 20 bucks and buy a better stem, it's worth it.

    “mmmmm i dont know”

    The Good: pretty good durable i guess

    The Bad: it really didnt catch my bars the first time i tightened it...or the second....or the third... then when i tried to raise my bars up (when it finally caught) on of the bolts stripped trying to tighten it

    Overall Review: mmmmmm its ok but expect to buy replacement botls if ur getting it

    “good stem, weak bolts”

    The Good: light and cheap

    The Bad: weak bolts and i cracked the faceplate when i was tightening the bolts

    Overall Review: when you get it through away the bolts that come with it and get better ones. trust me, mine broke and it is really hard to got the broken part out of the stem


    Reach 50mm
    Materials Forged from 6061 Aluminum w/ Cold Forged faceplate
    Colors Black, Gold, Red, or White

    0 lb 9.3 oz (263 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website