Shadow Conspiracy Strike FL Stem

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Shadow Conspiracy Strike FL Stem 19992800
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    “great stem”

    The Good:

    looks amazing, holds great. ive been running this stem for about a year now and not once has my bars slipped. even when i undo them to re-spray my bars or whatever, without the front cap, the bar still stays in place and have to use quite a bit of dorce to remove it. highly recomended

    The Bad:

    my blue stem got dirt pretty quickly but thats my fualt i guess. and the paint is really thin on it.

    Overall Review:

    other then the paint being too thin it is a great stem

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    Vital BMX member adrianlui
    94882 adrianlui,94882/all 06/06/12,94882/setup 2 6 1 9

    “Awesome stem”

    The Good:

    Its really tood lookin and holds well on steerer when taking slams nevr have to tighten either

    The Bad:

    You cant see the screen printing on it

    Overall Review:

    Really light and nice for the price

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    Vital BMX member Jarek bmx 98
    93966 Jarek bmx 98,93966/all 05/13/12 12 9 19 3

    “I don't know why it's getting so much hate!”

    The Good:

    Super light, looks sick

    The Bad:

    Have to tighten it super tight

    Overall Review:

    I've been riding this stem for about a month and I love it! I don't get why it's getting hated on so bad here. I recommend this stem to anyone who likes a good front load stem.

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    Vital BMX member BMX-Canadian
    86702 BMX-Canadian,86702/all 11/02/11 1 9,86702/setup 11 58 5 13

    “Shadow stems are crappy”

    The Good:

    Looks Size Weight Colors

    The Bad:

    Doesnt hold well

    Overall Review:

    Ive had two shadow stems the tl and the front load one and both stems have done the same thing, they dnt hold the bars well at all. You have to tighten the bolts suppppper tight to get it to hold the and it usually ends up destroying the hex key headss. but after I tighted it crazyyyyy tight I havent had any problems with it so its a nice stem

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    Vital BMX member Mattdasnoob
    88849 Mattdasnoob,88849/all 12/29/11 11 39 1 5

    “terrible stem.”

    The Good:

    good for about 4 months.

    The Bad:

    had 2 of them, first one cracked at the steerer tube clamping area and broke a piece off. second one had multiple cracks underneath & behind the bar clamping area. shadow didn't acknowledge this at all either & wouldnt do anything about it. fuck you shadow.

    Overall Review:

    if you value your life, dont get it. & if i could put lower than 1 star, i would for sure.

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    Vital BMX member sundaybmxRR
    8288 sundaybmxRR,8288/all 07/13/07 231 201 116,8288/setup 327 10525 1226 20 661


    Reach 48mm and 52mm
    Materials 6061-T6 alloy
    Colors Black, white, crimson red, purple, highlighter blue, highlighter yellow, olive, dark red, raw polish

    0 lb 8.4 oz (238 g)

    Miscellaneous – Extra lightweight front load stem with extensive machine work – 8mm drop / 30mm stack height – 16mm center hole – Heat treated 6mm hollow hex bolts – Detangler plate sold separately
    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website

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