Tree Bicycle Co. Top Load Collet Stem Stem (discontinued)

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Tree Bicycle Co. Top Load Collet Stem Stem Red
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tree top load collect

The Good:

light,stong , modern shit no coners(knee friendly).looks cool.

The Bad:

i have nothing bad too say.oh yeah it is exspencive!

Overall Review:

its a great stem i havnt had any problems and iv had it a year stays tight and snug. im only 150pound for the fatty that says it comes loose.

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Vital BMX member stayfit420
109188 stayfit420,109188/all 12/07/13 1,109188/setup 1 2

Tree stem sucks

The Good:

The stem looks bad ass and when people see it they think it looks bad ass!

The Bad:

It creaks and slips a lot, and yes I installed it correctly.

Overall Review:

If you're a bigger rider don't buy the stem, it doesn't stay tight if your 190+ lbs.

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Vital BMX member ParkRacer1
80711 ParkRacer1,80711/all 06/12/11 18,80711/setup 2 12 1 3

Tree Top Load Collet

The Good:

Looks great super slick, Works fine, does not slip if done up correctly, definitely a great stem to have.

The Bad:

Just has a small hickup in the one I have at the moment like all products from every manufacturer theres bound to be good batches and bad batches, just waiting for Tree to get back to me and let me know how to best approach it.

Overall Review:

Looks great, works well and is very light, definitely do recommend this stem to anyone wanting to try something new, cannot go wrong and if anything does Tree well get you sorted !

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Vital BMX member Cellmember
68761 Cellmember,68761/all 09/21/10 5,68761/setup 56 861 94 5 2

tree rules

The Good:

light strong simple

The Bad:


Overall Review:

great stem kinda expensive though overall i would recomend it

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Vital BMX member squidbilly
93576 squidbilly,93576/all 05/02/12,93576/setup 2


Product Tree Bicycle Co. Top Load Collet Stem Stem
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Top-Load
Materials 7075 T6 aluminum
Reach 53mm
Rise 25mm
Colors Black, Silver, Blue, Gold, Red
Weight 0 lb 8.3 oz (235 g)
Price $86.99
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