Alienation Differential Kevlar Tire (discontinued)

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Alienation Differential Kevlar Tire  Differential Tire
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    The Good:

    everything light, feels great.

    The Bad:


    Overall Review:

    took me a about a hour to get use to it. other than that it felt like ive been riding the tire for a long time.

    “GOODS, Alienation has it going on”

    The Good:

    super grippy and yet still rolls smooth on concrete

    The Bad:

    none. great tire

    Overall Review:

    GREAT TIRE! I will run this tire always!

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    Vital BMX member 23rd st
    39890 23rd st /images/default/avatar/c50.png,39890/all 02/09/09 1 52 3


    i have this tire, i won it from alienations skid off contest and all i got to say is this tire is amazing it has the best grip, you can be taking a turn with your pedals scraping the ground and the tire still grips. and really good for dirt, i ride alot of dirt and this tire is the best i have had. amazing tires..

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    Vital BMX member EMIR360
    32657 EMIR360,32657/all 10/16/08 2 24 5 3 58 1


    this is a lite and grippy as hell tire... amazing dirt tire!!

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    Vital BMX member MIKE FEDE
    616 MIKE FEDE,616/all 09/13/06 190 83 10,616/setup 231 4 76


    Product Alienation Differential Kevlar Tire
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