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Cult DEHART Tire

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Cult DEHART Tire 2.25
C70_dehart_rear C70_dehart_front

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    “cool n' grippy”

    The Good: never got a flat or slipped

    The Bad: it might be just me but if you get the colored sidewalls they stretch at the rim and act like the wheel isnt true so with colored sidewalls try to keep a street psi

    Overall Review:

    pretty good tires but theyre just tires and i wouldnt buy em again cause they stretch and piss me off so dont be stupid get some odyssey tires and have fun

    “Cult Dehart Tires 2.25”

    The Good: Theyre grippy when its dry out. Like almost too grippy! Theyre fat, squeeky if that matters haha and super thick so you wont get flats or grind through the sidewalls as fast. And the best part.... theyre fast as fuck.

    The Bad: Suck dick in the rain for sure. Theyre not as fat as they say. The 2.25 is atleast 2.3 or 2.35 unlike the 2.42 they say it is but thats no biggie.. Sometimes they feel squishy idk if im tripping out but im pretty sure youd feel it too. Theyre also heavy cause of how thick they are but thats pretty much it.

    Overall Review: These things are MEAN I love these tires! Kenda/Cult made some quality tires here and they get the job done beter than most other tires ive had. I love how these are so thick you hardly get flats and they roll fast as fuck. what more could you want?

    “Cult Deharts”

    The Good: They squeak a shit ton haha, pretty good grip

    The Bad: 2.10 wore out 3 times faster than my tire in the front.

    Overall Review: decent tire for the front. get both 2.25s though

    “wide. simple.”

    The Good: very basic. wider than most 2.25. they look clean. tan wall is a darker shade than most other tan walls. rolls nice.

    The Bad: says kenda on them, kinda price-y for a kenda-made tire.

    Overall Review: i like wide, but not monster truck wide, so these are nice so far. they slide nice. not a bad choice if youre looking for a new roller.


    The Good: the tan walls look really nice, ride really fast, really gripy, good for all sorts of riding! love em!

    The Bad: nothing really, clearance was an issue but thats about it

    Overall Review: really good buy, feel really good on dirt, park and street best tyre iv ridden since the Ruben.


    The Good: I'm not buying any other tires, I got these for Christmas in 2.25 tan wall and they are amazing, they are a little more beefy than 2.25 should be but that doesn't matter, they are amazing, don't have that "mushy" feeling and are fast as hell.

    The Bad: Nothing, seriously.

    Overall Review: Look amazing, ride amazing, I've riden mine a bunch and they still haven't shown any sign of wear! They are amazing tires, get em. Ride amazing, look amazing, not to heavy, everything you want. If Dehart rides em you should too :3

    “Really good rubber I should say”

    The Good: The sidewalls are thick for them hard grinders plus the 180 *squeak* thing haha

    The Bad: Nothing really

    Overall Review: Well had the set of tires for about a day now and I must admit these are really durable. Little sketched out on the dirt but I can make 'em work.


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    Miscellaneous Dehart wanted to get away from the “smushy” feeling tires, and we wanted to start designing tires with Kenda. We worked on the correct rubber compound and tread pattern to create Dehart’s first signature tire. black, tan wall 20 x 2.10 and 20 x 2.25
    Price $25.99
    More Info Cult website