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Cult DEHART Tire 2.25
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    The Good:

    I'm not buying any other tires, I got these for Christmas in 2.25 tan wall and they are amazing, they are a little more beefy than 2.25 should be but that doesn't matter, they are amazing, don't have that "mushy" feeling and are fast as hell.

    The Bad:

    Nothing, seriously.

    Overall Review:

    Look amazing, ride amazing, I've riden mine a bunch and they still haven't shown any sign of wear! They are amazing tires, get em. Ride amazing, look amazing, not to heavy, everything you want. If Dehart rides em you should too :3

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    Vital BMX member 47oM
    89346 47oM /images/default/avatar/c50.png,89346/all 01/10/12 5

    “Really good rubber I should say”

    The Good:

    The sidewalls are thick for them hard grinders plus the 180 *squeak* thing haha

    The Bad:

    Nothing really

    Overall Review:

    Well had the set of tires for about a day now and I must admit these are really durable. Little sketched out on the dirt but I can make 'em work.

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    Vital BMX member WildBycyclist666
    80806 WildBycyclist666,80806/all 06/14/11 7 4 129 2610 256 8 11

    “great tire”

    The Good:

    Love em, grip great, tan walls look great

    The Bad:

    they dont squeak lie people say they do, other than that nothing

    Overall Review:

    I really like these tires they feel and look great, all deharts cult stuff is good. Get em'!

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    Vital BMX member mgbmx666
    86238 mgbmx666,86238/all 10/21/11 1,86238/setup 52 285 5 3

    “"omg such a great tire"”

    The Good:

    their so nice and grip amazing i love them best tire out

    The Bad:

    nothing is bad with them

    Overall Review:

    their the best the tan walls are sick looking too

    Vital BMX member Jozion_Grijalva
    88877 Jozion_Grijalva,88877/all 12/29/11 1 1

    “Awesome Feeling tire.”

    The Good:

    These are great. they run a little wider than most 2.10's or 2.25's but i like that. they have a good all around tread and feel great on anything you do.

    The Bad:

    None! They are awesome so far!

    Overall Review:

    I love them! Go Get it!

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    Vital BMX member ForcastingWave
    84400 ForcastingWave,84400/all 09/02/11 1,84400/setup 2


    The Good:

    love them sqeaky ,gripy, good tire all around.

    The Bad:

    nothing yet,

    Overall Review:

    HIT EM WIT IT!!!!

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    Vital BMX member skittles69
    57201 skittles69,57201/all 01/29/10,57201/setup 30 170 2 2 1


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    Miscellaneous Dehart wanted to get away from the “smushy” feeling tires, and we wanted to start designing tires with Kenda. We worked on the correct rubber compound and tread pattern to create Dehart’s first signature tire. black, tan wall 20 x 2.10 and 20 x 2.25
    Price $25.99
    More Info Cult website

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