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Demolition Machete Tire

Average User Rating: (Good)
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    “Great Tire!”

    The Good: Light, good grip on all terrain, rolls well.

    The Bad: A Thin tire.

    Overall Review:

    I enjoy these tires, they are thin but the held up well, expect a few more flats than usual. I ride on all types of terrain and these grip great for me. I ran a 2.25 rear and 2.35 front.

    “Should stick to dirt only for this.”

    The Good: It's light and thin for those weight-weenies out there. Lasts good for the first 2 months or so.

    The Bad: It's way too thin leading to countless punctures, wearing out too quickly, losing much grip, and possibly blowing out/exploding. Same problems with the Momentum except the Momentum isn't directional, which makes it even worse at slipping out.

    Overall Review:

    This tire should strictly be ridden for dirt or park or something that requires light riding. Not riding like street where rough ledges and obstacles can tear right through the flimsy sidewalls. If you were to ever only have a choice between this and the Momentum, they're still both crappy, but it'd be smarter to take this one in that situation.

    “demoliton machetes”

    The Good: everything

    The Bad: the fucker below that gave this tire a 1 and a half star rating. like... do you even ride? and they dont make 2.35 any more i got the last of the 2.35's so i have rare tires pretty much haha. its all good because they still have 2.25 and a new 2.4!

    Overall Review:

    people this is a bad ass tire. its one of the cheaper tires for under 25 bucks comes in fatass sizes grippy as fuck and yes also in concrete park metal parks and street.. i don't know what the guy below me is riding, probably some ice quarter pipes and black ice street. anyways people this is a solid tire. try finding a tire with this much tread this much girth and it only weighs 23 oz compared to the 2 pound tires cult has out (they actually weigh 2 fuckin pounds). and if you like squeak on dem half cabs these will do it and if you like some fatass tire these will forefill your dreams. and if you run brake like the guy on the bottom and your gunna pun the tire for being to big for brakes you don't be a dumb ass and buy 2.25+ tires. love these tires, get em.

    “Decent on Dirt... Not Much Else”

    The Good: -Not too heavy -Rolls pretty quick -Digs into dirt, providing nice traction

    The Bad: -Slips out constantly on street and park -No size small enough for the rear with brakes

    Overall Review:

    I used this tire a few months ago, ran it for about two months. I ride everything from trails to street to concrete park. This tire uses a very hard compound, which allows it to dig into dirt nicely. However, this compound provides very little grip on street and park. With a Machete on both the front and the back, I literally could not drop in on a 5 foot tall, perfectly dry concrete quarter. The rear Machete always slipped out, and I ended up on my side. I found the front tire sliding like crazy when carving bowls or making fast turns while riding street.

    This tire lowered my confidence while riding to very low levels. I ended up getting rid of the tires because I was frustrated with not wanting to even turn my damn bike because I was scared I was going to slide out.

    I would not recommend these tires unless you ride literally nothing but dirt.


    Purpose All Terrain
    Sizes 2.25 & 2.35
    Bead Wire Bead
    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure 110 psi
    Colors Black Wall, Red Wall, Skin Wall


    Miscellaneous Weight 22.8 (2.25) The Machete all terrain tire was designed and tested by Demolition riders, Rob Wise and Dennis Enarson. Features high pressure (110 psi), super light, wire bead, and has an aggressive tread pattern w/ deep grooves for grip on any terrain.
    Price N/A
    More Info

    Additional information available at Demolitionparts.com