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Demolition Momentum Tire

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
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    “Awsome all around tires”

    The Good: Strong , good looking , great roll and grip by far the best ive used and will only use these

    The Bad: Nothing so far, have only been using these for around 4 months but they seem to be holding up really well with no problems

    Overall Review:

    All and all , the best tires ive used and have no complaints

    “Nice Lightweight tire”

    The Good: Grippy, squeaky, durable/long lasting, light as fu**

    The Bad: Flat city, really thin (reasoning for weight)

    Overall Review:

    Real nice tire, but be ready to have backup tubes on you. Daily rider and I rode mine for at least half a year. Recommended for them street riders!


    The Good: they r great tires. for street they gripp real well and concrete park. they are street tires what do u expect. the sizes are perfect and they are amazing. had them for 3 months and i have no flat spots yet

    The Bad: they don't work the best with brakes

    Overall Review:

    these tires are awesome. they grip like no other tire does and they r amazing

    “fast tire great grip”

    The Good: This tire is great smooth and fast no problems besides

    The Bad: I got the back tire one size to big for my frame

    Overall Review:

    These are great. Only problem iv had is that i got the 2.35 size in the back and the inflated width is 2.4 so its a big awsome tire. Nice and fat for great grip i was able to ride it until i bentmy rim  and it started rubbing on my frame so im going to get the same in 2.2 so it will work. and i know i wont regret it. I recomend this tire. Any one who says it has hella problems mustve done something wrong while installing the tire or tube cause shit happens. I go through more tubes than any one i know but i havent had a tube popped sonce i got a pair of these. (If your frame can run 2.4 get the 2.35 size thier awsome)

    “Demolition Tires”

    The Good: super grippy, roll fast

    The Bad: run down wayyyyy to quick

    Overall Review:

    had them just over a month and gone though 6 innertubes, 3 on each, better off buying thicker tires

    “not really worth it”

    The Good: look nice, good for weight weenies, many different sizes

    The Bad: very thin, wear down fast, terrible if you run brakes

    Overall Review:

    i wore these down and it only took a month to do so. So unless you have money to keep replacing them get them otherwise dont buy them

    “awesome tires”

    The Good: awesome affordable tires. these tires are very durable, light, and cheap what else do you need?

    The Bad: nothing.. they dont match my Ross front tire perfectly..?? this tire replaced my expensive heavy odyssey Ross tire in the rear cheaper and better.

    Overall Review:

    really good affordable tire. grips really good for park and street. i wish i wouldve bought this tire before i wasted my money on the Ross tire its 9oz lighter and way more durable. demolition is doing shit right!


    Purpose Street/ Park
    Sizes 2.0, 2.2 and 2.35
    Bead Normal Casing for a Higher Thread Count and Lighter Weight
    Thread Count High pressure
    Maximum Pressure 110 psi
    Colors Black and Tan Sidewall

    1 lb 4 oz (567 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website