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Duo Brand Stunner Tire Tire

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Duo Brand Stunner Tire Tire Black
C70_stunner_angled C70_stunner_natural_angled C70_stunner_skinwall_angled C70_stunner_sidewall C70_stunner_natural_sidewall C70_stunner_skinwall_sidewall C70_stunner_tread

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“Best tire i have ever ridden”

The Good: amazing grip on street and i like the 2.2 size... ive rode them on trails and didnt have a problem ... definitely great tires and i would recommend them to anyone. had them for 3 months and they look brand new

The Bad: honestly i cant think of one bad thing

Overall Review:

5 stars all the way... i literally cannot find one thing wrong with these tires... if you need tires, GET THEM

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The Good: really light, lasts forever, grippiest tire I've rode

The Bad: Well the 2.2 is too big to fit my frame but that's not the tires fault

Overall Review: Great tire, definitely get them!

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“Great Tire - I wont get anything else!”

The Good: I love the look of the treads , super grippy and they never slip out on the sandy shit on roads and grips everything good .

The Bad: Havnt found anything negitive yet. Maybe a bigger size?

Overall Review: Overall i would recommend this tire to anyone .

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“Favorite Tires”

The Good: Awesome grip for street and park, 2.20 is the perfect size that doesn't rub my frame, lightweight, lasts a long time

The Bad: No complaints

Overall Review: I run these 2.20 front and back, hold up great even doing tire slides on curbs and shit, and fakie sliders too. Oh and almost forgot grinding, STILL HOLDS UP GREAT !

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“Absolutely great”

The Good: It is great for park and street riding..

The Bad: Not suited for dirt riding. Which I don't do so it's a great tire for me.

Overall Review: They are great tyres I have 2.20 on the front and 1.95 on the rear.

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“For 26 dollars, it's the most bang for the buck.”

The Good: price,durability,looks

The Bad: Probably not as fast as others (like FAFs)...Needs to be available in larger sizes. If you're into big tires,these aren't exactly the pinnacle of girth.

Overall Review: A good and cheap alternative to the high-end versions (Fly Rubens)...last pretty well,even on gritty,rough terrain. The 2.20 versions aren't as big as I would like,but I've gotten over it. If you can too,then go for it. They are fairly slow unless you use a lot of air pressure (85 psi and up). It's 26 dollars....don't overthink it.

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“Duo Stunner Tire”

The Good: have it in natural sidewall, and i love it. it has great grip for the front and they work well with g-turns, 3 taps, 180 pivs and hit like that. never slipped on me and the tread lats quite a while.

The Bad: came with a small slit on the right side (maybe a manufacturer's defect?) and the color fades after a while to a brownish color for the natural sidewall like all tires, the tread WILL wear out eventually.

Overall Review: its a great tire. i switched it from front to back and its great. the 2.20 version is really a 2.25 so i m lovin that, but i need a skinnier tire for the back. but the 1.95 is like reeeeally tiny. :\ might get a grifter and white-out the yellow

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“not too great”

The Good: they came sock on my bike and they lasted about 2 months or so

The Bad: over time the air seeped out and i ended up getting two flats in a week. i switched the back tire to an animal tom white wall, and im probably gonna put a tww on the front too

Overall Review: as david said theyre great for footjams, but theyre very flimsy

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“very grippy”

The Good: i run park and they grip extremely well as a front tire

The Bad: none so far

Overall Review: i love it as a front great foot jams and grips parks really well

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Purpose Multi-purpose
Sizes 1.95" or 2.20"
Bead Wire bead
Thread Count 60tpi
Maximum Pressure 110psi
Colors Black, natural red, or skinwall

1.95: 1 lb 3.3 oz (547 g)

2.20: 1 lb 4.7 oz (587 g)

Miscellaneous http://duobrand.com
Price $25.99
More Info Duo Brand website