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Eastern Bikes Burnout Tire

Average User Rating: (Good)
Eastern Bikes Burnout Tire Tire Burnout4 LoRes
C70_tire_burnout4_lores C70_tire_burnout3_lores C70_tire_burnout_lores C70_tire_burnout2_lores C70_tire_burnout_folded_lores C70_tire_burnout5_lores

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“rely good tire”

The Good: its light not that expensive, strong bead, grips really well

The Bad: it slips on wet and sandy surfaces

Overall Review: i would suggest it for street and park

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“Been on these since the day they came out”

The Good: Freaking fast. I love how there is no tread and it keeps my bike just silent. Good for slides and grips well for manuals.

The Bad: I have worn right threw these tires, even thought it took about 2 years

Overall Review: Since the day they arrived I have been riding one in the rear. I will not run a different tire until the end of time

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“Eastern Burnout hp (the good one)”

The Good: not bad , for the weight weenies its light as air, tougher than it looks.im 165 run 90psi and rough as fuck and its held up for a while , (

The Bad: NO DIRT RIDING. not weak, but not god like strong. the OE SUCKS. the HP lating way longer

Overall Review: im 165lbs and i run the HP version its not bad and im kind of rough would recommend for a back up.

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“Quick Use Only Tire”

The Good: Really fast and rolls really smooth for park.

The Bad: gets flats easy and wears down extremely fast.

Overall Review: well... lets just say this tire is most certainly for park use only... ride street for five minutes and you already have a flat... and dirt... i dont even want to go there.

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Purpose Designed for Skatepark Use, Virtually No Rolling Resistance
Sizes 20" x 2.25"
Bead OEM Wire, Hi-Pressure Wire, Kevlar Hi-Pressure Available
Thread Count Hi-Pressure Wire & Kevlar Hi-Pressure Utilize an Iron Cap Layer in Conjuction w/ Normal Casing for Higher Thread Count & Lighter Weight
Maximum Pressure OEM Wire 40-60 PSI, Hi-Pressure Wire & Kevlar Hi-Pressure up to 100 PSI
Colors Black

OEM WIre: 1 lb 3 oz (539 g)

Hi-Pressure Wire: 1 lb 2.4 oz (522 g)

Kevlar Hi-Pressure: 1 lb 0.5 oz (468 g)

Miscellaneous Rim & Tube Not Included, Used to Show Shape When Inflated
Price N/A
More Info Eastern Bikes website