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Fit F.A.F. Tire

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Fit F.A.F. Tire 2.1_FAF_Tire

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“Nightvision really works!!!”

The Good: 2.3 Nightvision does exactly what the ad suggests and they slide when you want, grip when you want. I much prefer them to my Maxxis Grifter.

The Bad: The price!!!
$65 Each in Australia!!!

Overall Review:

If they were just 15 dollars cheaper I'm sure they would be much more popular.

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“good but meh”

The Good: i love these tires i run them front and back and are super grippy front tires has lasted me forever

The Bad: my back tires wears out quick i bought one a month ago and its abou to die on me

Overall Review:

ive had 2 sets of these tires and my front tires still has a lot of grip and its going to last me a while but my back tire the first time lasted me 6 months since i wasnt that good i didnt wear them out as quick and ow on my second back faf after just a month im abou to need a new but i love these and wouldnt mind running them again

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“Best And Only Tyre I Would Buy”

The Good: 110 P.S.I, 2.25 tyre comes with dirt tread, solid from the start, very rarely get puncutres, lasts for 3 years, good looking sidewall

The Bad: 2.3 is too thick for an ilegal frame,

Overall Review: I've had every single popular and trendy tyre under the sun, KHE MAC tyres, Odyssey's various tyres etc. and for the past 3 years I ran the 2.3 faf front and back, last week bought a pair of the 2.25 dirt tyres, had the dirt tyre before and loved it, same feeling again, other tyres take ages to bed in but it feels like after a good session they are riding smooth as f***, wouldn't buy any other tyre after this, especially as at the moment (MARCH 2013) Custom Riders in the UK have 15% off everything (£21 per tyre). The only punctures I've had are from nails and large rocks on the ride home I make most days.
best tyres I've ever bought, refuse to buy anything else

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“slickest tire”

The Good: light weight, cheap, and so far no complications with ware and tare. such a smooth ride, really rolls you fast when pumped up hard. very slick and really good for sliders and those steeze kick out things.

The Bad: i guess the tread is very small so as a brakeless rider of 4 years i find it hard to try and not to stick my foot on the tire.

Overall Review:

i've been riding these tires for about 11 months now and i've had no problem with them. people say they're really slippery when even a tiny bit of water is on them, but i have never found myself slipping out because of wet. if you enjoy steezing and flowing around a park, these are perfect, they slide really well.

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“Heavy? Not!”

The Good: 110 p.s.i, Good tread pattern. Grips well on everything so far.

The Bad: Nothing yet.

Overall Review:

First, where did that kid buy these for $16.99? That's cheap. Second, to the kid who popped more than one. Dude must not know how to install tires. Finally, these tires weigh just as much as any other. Look on J&R bikes website for weight and you'll see. Heavy... what a bunch weak kids out there. Quit being weight weenies!

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The Good: you can get them in tan walls or red or teal or white many color options, they last a long time if you don't get the foldable ones.

The Bad: not the lightest

Overall Review:

I really like these tires, I have them for a season now, still holding up good. i actually never had a flat with them and I ride mostly street, pretty impressive. They have a good grip but if you ride trails they might not be your first choice. Not super light, but strong and long lasting. The 110 psi max allows me to ride harder tires which makes many tricks easier and some harder but that's ok.

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“The best!!!”

The Good: Last forever
Good sizes

The Bad: I have the steel bead version which i guess is quite heavy
And they are pretty expensive

Overall Review:

I've had mine for over year and less than half the tread has gone, i ride quite regular too

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Purpose Street
Sizes 2.3" 2.25" 2.1" 1.95"
Bead Wire And Kevlar
Thread Count
Maximum Pressure 10000000000lbs


Miscellaneous Tested and fully backed by the pros that ride them, all Fit tires feature puncture resistant Kevlar belts and tear resistant Silkworm sidewall technology. Lightweight K models have a foldable Kevlar bead, are available in all four sizes, and come with Fitbikeco rimstrips.
Price N/A
More Info Fit website