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Fit F.A.F. Tire

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Fit F.A.F. Tire 2.1_FAF_Tire

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    “Best Tires Ever!!”

    The Good: Tan walls look awesome. Grippy. Nice tread. Smooth. Good for park and street.

    The Bad: Wear after a while.

    Overall Review: Great tires, I defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a nice tire.

    “It's pretty good”

    The Good: It has a high psi has good grip on park and street they're great looking great durability they come in multiple wall colours

    The Bad: They slip on everything wet and just on tiny pieces of dirt on streets. They're kind of expensive Mine has tore in quite a few places

    Overall Review: This is a good tire for indoor skateparks or for parks in general. It lasted very long for me and i did quite a lot of skids Doesn't go well with moisture and dirt good back up tire but expensive

    “Great tire”

    The Good: Very light in kevlar option Varied Tread design gives good option for the type of riding you are doing Amazing grip no matter what terrain, dirt, street, park, wet, all good Good color options Super fast rolling

    The Bad: Nothing besides the fact that they could be a bit higher volume, the 2.3 is a small 2.3

    Overall Review: A really great tire, the only tire I'll ever ride again, Get the kevlar for sure, the things people say about kevlar wears faster than wire isn't true. If you want a good park set up use 2.3 f+r, If you want a really versatile street set up that you can ride some dirt as well with confidence run a 2.25 in front with a 2.3 in rear, for dirt run 2.25 f+r, and If you want the smoothest and most consistent street setup do double 2.3's

    “Fit FAF tan wall tyres”

    The Good: They are really good indoor ramp tyres! sexy look and smooth feel.

    The Bad: quite expensive... very slippery when riding wet and not much grip

    Overall Review: Good tyres which act great if you ride indoors and okay if you are outside but wouldnt recomend fo street just park really and quite expensive but look and feel sexy

    “Without a doubt the best i've had so far”

    The Good: Grip Durability - The Regular non-foldable 2.25 i have on my front wheel has lasted for more than 1.5 years and is yet to be worn slick. The pattern is still about 0.5mm. SLIP PROOF - i've ridden them in the rain, in the snow, on thin ice even and as long as you don't lean forward and pedal really hard like a retard, they wont slip. They're fast. They're great looking Great for Footjams(also depending on the tire pressure)

    The Bad: I've noticed that a kevlar on the rear wheel wont last long if you're riding brakeless, but a regular will.

    Overall Review: At such a low price they are a steal. i've ridden them for quite a while and as i'm sure there are a lot of tires that are better in certain categories ( durability, grip, looks etc.) but no other that i've had so far is as good in EVERY category as this one. I plan to keep on using them forever, with the exception of trying out new ones from time to time.

    “Great tire”

    The Good: TACKY!!!!! was never able to pull runs and angles like i can on these things, i like to run at least 100 PSI but usually loose a lot of the traction, my first run in a Bowl with these things and i felt like my skill lvl jumped 10 Pts - Very Sticky - take heavy hits - Widely Accessible (if you blow one you can get another one just about anywhere) - Well Priced

    The Bad: These things go from the best tire in the world with the most traction to the worst tires in the world that feel like your riding on ICE!!!!! As soon as you have moisture coming from the ground these tires WILL find it. almost all my crashes on my bikes now have been from water. If these tires come in contact with any moister, stop riding and wipe them down, the second they get wet, you cant even turn on these things. - No aggressive traction - Absolutely 0% traction in any water - Don't last long

    Overall Review: If you ride park, this is the tire you want. With the right PSI you can hit speeds in the bowl that are usually next to impossible, your lean angles are truly impressive with the tacky rubber and the massive damage these things can take without a blow out is far from being beat by any competitor. If you ride 4 hours a day 7 days a week, you can expect to go through a set at least every 3 - 4 weeks. The lack of aggressive stance on the rubber makes them a NO GO for street, however i do still see the odd person using them.

    “Ehh...weigh the options first.”

    The Good: Looks,weight,speed effectiveness

    The Bad: Durability

    Overall Review: As the name states (indirectly), they are very fast tires with high PSI. They look good,but do not withstand sudden momentum changes very well (the rotation switch as the result of a 180 for example...which is ironic because Fit is predominately a street-focused company),unless it's on a slick surface. If you don't do many 180s or drag/slide your tire on roll-outs, they are pretty decent.


    The Good: insane grip on anything! footjam approved

    The Bad: a tad heavy. im not particularly a weight whore but im not tryin to ride a brick. and i went from 19.6oz. in the front to 25.4 :\ i lost my even weight distrobution but whatever.

    Overall Review: really good. i thought the stunner in the front was the only thing i would ever want but i was wrong. this tire is way better than the stunner for front. i put my stunner in the back and omfg. im in love with my bike now. FAF-K front+Stunner back=best tire combo ever heard of!

    “F.A.F. 2.25”

    The Good: They look pretty awesome and make your bike look like a monster truck. The fastest rolling tires ive owned and are 110 PSI. The 2.25s also grip very well in park, street and trails. The 2.25s last a long time and are harder to get puncture flats with than they were before.

    The Bad: If you get the FAF-K 2.25 it doesnt last at all. any size but the 2.25 also wears out very very fast. these tires also arent as big as the specs say depending on your rim cause mine looked skinny as hell.

    Overall Review: These are good tires decided to give them a try again but buying wire bead isntead of foldings. Get these tires they are worth the money and Fast as Fuck!


    Purpose Street
    Sizes 2.3" 2.25" 2.1" 1.95"
    Bead Wire And Kevlar
    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure 10000000000lbs


    Miscellaneous Tested and fully backed by the pros that ride them, all Fit tires feature puncture resistant Kevlar belts and tear resistant Silkworm sidewall technology. Lightweight K models have a foldable Kevlar bead, are available in all four sizes, and come with Fitbikeco rimstrips.
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    More Info Fit website