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Fit F.A.F. Tire

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Fit F.A.F. Tire 2.1_FAF_Tire

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    “Fit FAF tire”

    The Good: Rolls smooth Nice tread design Thick sidewalls Goes on nice and easy and balances well Made of good rubber on the non folding version, Folding version is just as good if not better. Holds up for a long time.

    The Bad: Not the most grippy tire i have owned, I washed out pretty good on a 360 at a cement park with it when i landed but the park was pretty slick cement,

    Overall Review: I have owned 3 FAF tires,2 being the non folding cheaper version and one of the folding version. They tend to last for a pretty long time although i don't ride everyday,But i have friends who ride more then i do and my friends FAF lasted over a year and he rides brakeless so that included some skids from putting his foot in the tire. They resist flats pretty well,The sidewalls hold up to grinds good like feebles and whatnot,Where as other tires i have used showed alot of sidewall wear from grinds. The tire is pretty affordable and comes in a good variety of sizes.I would recommend it to just about anyone for front and rear,Although if you do ride a lot of dirt i would suggest something a bit more aggressive to get good traction around berms and loose dirt. I rate the tire 4 out of 5 stars.

    “Go with Oddy Aitken Tyres”

    The Good: They look like the best ones, but they are not and not worth the price for Kevlar

    The Bad: They are slippery on certain surfaces, these are prolly the furthest away from grippy ive ever owned for all round use and do not last long at all

    Overall Review: I took off my oddy Aitken Tyres and stuck on these and felt less stable. Oddy Tires are seriously way better and longer lasting. My Oddy tyres hadnt even worn out, I just bought the Fit FaF because of recommendations on this site. But they have let me down, I do nto feel confident with these tyres after riding something so much better most of my tires perform ok in the rain, generally bmx tires do not suit the rain, but FaF are death traps in the rain - they make riding to the shops a risk on wet surfaces

    “one of the best tyres out for all round use!:)”

    The Good: last ages and when worn down still grippy as hell!

    The Bad: 2.3 and 2.1 dont have as much grip but i dont know why? surely they should for the same price?

    Overall Review: brilliant best tyre for all round use

    “Last awhile”

    The Good: my friend ran one for like 6 months in the rear and has ran one in the front for over 6 months; I just got some because of how long they last plus they grip like no other.

    The Bad: only the 2.25 is knobby but whatever

    Overall Review: Good tires last forever, grip like hell, and are pretty cheap for the wire bead

    “Fit faf tire”

    The Good: Nice and fast. And never washes out from under me.

    The Bad: Nothing. Not a better tire on the market for the front.

    Overall Review: Some people say they wear fast. But you either get a sticky tire that handles great. Or you get a hard tire that busts you ass. If you want to go fast, have control, and have a wide tire. This is it. I have this in the front in 2.3 and a Odyssey Frequency G in the back in 1.85. My bike is fast and handles like a mad man. Don't bitch about it just ride it!

    “Sweet Tire Really Smooth”

    The Good: Looks super cool (tanwalls) and goes really smooth and fast... i have the 2.3 front and i havent ridden it on dirt yet but im sure it will be just fine. Anywho awesome!!!

    The Bad: nothing! nothing at all!

    Overall Review: good clean tire i would recommend it to all others.


    Purpose Street
    Sizes 2.3" 2.25" 2.1" 1.95"
    Bead Wire And Kevlar
    Thread Count
    Maximum Pressure 10000000000lbs


    Miscellaneous Tested and fully backed by the pros that ride them, all Fit tires feature puncture resistant Kevlar belts and tear resistant Silkworm sidewall technology. Lightweight K models have a foldable Kevlar bead, are available in all four sizes, and come with Fitbikeco rimstrips.
    Price N/A
    More Info Fit website